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digital signage for banks

Banking digital signage is an innovative way to engage and connect with your customers while promoting your services and boosting brand loyalty. Here’s how digital signage for banks can help you revamp your in-branch experience, upsell your services and enhance internal communications.  

Digital signage for banks could be the silver bullet you’ve always needed but never realized. Why? Because it keeps your clients loyal, engaged and willing to sign up for more and more of your services. And you need that kind of up-selling. Because that bank next door? It’s eyeing your clients. And wooing them away. It’s time you get in the ring and fight with the big – and the little – boys. Because every customer account counts.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of banking digital signage and the impact it could have on your business. Or, if you’re already aware of all the rewarding perks, go ahead and set up your first screen for free. It only takes a few minutes.

The Benefits of Digital Signage for Banks

Retail banking and financial services (aka credit cards, insurance and the like) are big money makers. They’re the definition of GDP behemoths. In fact, the financial services industry makes up $2 trillion of the total GDP in the US. No wonder everyone wants a piece of the pie. And if you want to make it big, you’ve got to pull out all the stops. But there’s no need to unleash The Wolf of Wall Street on the world. Employing innovative technologies like banking digital signage will help you advertise your products, upsell services and beat profit expectations.

So what exactly are the benefits of digital signage in banks?

Increase engagement and grow your client base with digital signage for banks

Apart from drawing clients in by installing digital signage at the bank’s entrance, there are plenty more benefits to banking digital signage. Set up retail banking displays in high-traffic spaces to share information on your products and services, or even use some creative storytelling to showcase your customers’ success stories. 

What’s great about banking digital signage is that it’s all about the visual. Images, videos, playlists and shows make digital signage for banks an attractive way of displaying mind-numbing facts and figures in an exciting and attention-grabbing way. Added bonus? People remember pictures better than text. So forget about expensive and environmentally harmful paper brochures and promotional material. Use digital signage for banks to give your retail clients the info they need in a way they’ll retain. And that’ll get you that all-important sale.

Use banking digital signage to take advantage of wait times and keep clients informed and excited

The visual transformation that comes with a digital signage system for banks is not simply meant to entertain. Strategically placed digital signage in retail banking will allow you to shorten your clients’ perceived queue time while promoting your services.

When people do their banking IRL they know they’ll be waiting in line a lot. Take advantage of their boredom to show off your new products. Got a new high-interest savings account? Tell them everything they’ll gain from it. Is your institution’s mutual fund making a whole lot of families happy? Show off how much money normal people make just by trusting your services and employees.

Get your employees on the same page

Banking is a high-powered, high-speed industry. Competition is fierce. Markets change at the drop of a hat. And your employees need the best data out there in order to succeed. Give it to them with digital signage for banks. Just install digital signage screens throughout the office and deliver real-time data to everyone with digital signage TV dashboard displays.

Real-time data is incredibly important when you’ve got time-sensitive decisions to make. Just stream live web feeds to your screens and make sure key players get vital information as it happens. Have your own corporate data feeds? Create a custom layout and display both web page-based data streams simultaneously. You’ll optimize decision-making processes and reap the benefits.

Another plus? Digital signage for banks strengthens teamwork. Use your screens to communicate internally within your organization. Celebrate the wins. Share any knowledge gained from painful losses. It’s knowledge everyone in your company can use no matter what department they’re from. Consider displaying cross-departmental data feeds or other content to maximize knowledge sharing. It’ll help your teams get the big picture and boost profits.

Think globally but act locally with digital signage for banks

You’ve got branches everywhere. It’s part of your success strategy. And by diversifying and spreading your geographic footprint you’ll bolster your revenue. What’s extremely important? You want to make everyone see your branding and recognize you, whether they come through your door in Denver or walk into your branch in Wisconsin. After all, people have to see your name and trust you. And digital signage for banks helps you strengthen your brand.

Just create all your banking digital signage content at headquarters and streamline your marketing and branding strategy. Don’t forget you can easily push your content to thousands of screens all over the world remotely with cloud-based digital signage software.

What’s even better? Letting local staff who know what each community needs to create tailored content. After all, nothing beats boots on the ground. They know their people. And banking digital signage helps you make the most of that.

There’s no need to sacrifice global branding or local know-how. Let your people meet community needs so you can boost your profits. After all, a rural community with lots of farmers has very specific banking needs. Local employees know what kind of services and content work. Digital signage for banks helps you get the right info to the right clients. Within your national branding strategy.

All you need to do is pick a content management app that offers workspaces with specific content management permissions so your employees get the flexibility they need to do their job right.

Digital signage for banks boosts your cross-selling and up-selling success

You’ve got lots of services and investment products on offer. That’s what makes you competitive. But it’s also why you need to get more and more clients on board with a variety of services. A simple savings account just won’t cut it.

As people wait in line, use digital signage for banks to show them products they’ll find useful. Once your digital signage content tantalizes them with all the money-making potential you’re offering them, it’s easy to make that sale. They’ll be asking your staff for more info. The obvious benefit? You’re boosting your profit margins every time they sign on the dotted line.

The hidden gem in cross-selling? It boosts brand loyalty. And once your clients have a variety of your products in their portfolio, they’re much more likely to stick with you and your bank than head for the door. After all, if they’re happy with their checking account, you can make them happier with a great insurance plan. And your profits will jump for joy too.

Are you ready to pump those numbers up? Try one of Yodeck’s plug-and-play templates to preview your first digital signage promotional campaign without breaking the bank. 

Digital Signage Solutions for Banks

Now that you know all about the benefits of banking digital signage, it’s time to explore a few useful applications and ideas that will allow you to usher your business into the digital era.  After all, digital signage solutions for banks are one of the most impactful and cost-efficient ways to support all four pillars of digital transformation in banking. Here’s a taste of how you can completely transform your in-branch experience with digital signage for retail banking. 

  • Digital lobby signage for banks

Replace all your dull static bank signage with striking digital content to increase brand awareness and ensure that the promotional campaign you’ve been designing for the past months means money in the bank. 

  • Digital bulletin boards for retail banking

Enhance your clients’ experience with up-to-the-minute announcements, instructions for self-service processes or even custom RSS and news feeds while ensuring a paperless environment with digital bulletin boards.

  • Digital signage video walls for banks

Set up video walls to display useful information like real-time market rates of stocks, currencies and commodities, or modernize your queue token system through a cutting-edge digital signage system designed specifically for banking.

  • Outdoor digital signage for banks

There are many more suitable spots for digital signage in a bank branch than you’d think. Through front window screens, drive-through banking windows and even the screens of ATMs, you can easily set up wayfinding digital signage displays and manage foot traffic or deliver timely messages with helpful information.

  • Banking digital signage for internal communications

Share important messages across different teams quickly and effectively, display data dashboards or meeting calendars to elevate employee productivity and boost morale with digital signage for corporate communications.

Banking digital signage: Key takeaways to boost your business

In an industry where weakness leads to disaster, you’ve got to bolster the weapons in your arsenal. Digital signage for banks helps you attract and retain retail clients while boosting cross-selling opportunities. And you’re able to build your brand awareness globally while catering to local communities. It’s also an essential tool for getting up-to-the-minute data to your employees. You’ve got to be the cream of the crop to stay at the top and in the black. And digital signage for banks helps you do just that.

What’s more, Yodeck’s digital signage solution enables you to manage all of your screens from a central platform that will allow you to completely transform your branch in a few simple steps. You can take this to the bank.