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Helpful Tips to Create the Perfect Digital Signage Playlist

A great digital signage playlist is a must-have. Why? Picture this: you’ve got crowds of potential customers walking by your digital signage display. The perfect playlist pops up and gets them glued to your screen.

Next thing you know, they’re trotting right in for more info about your products or services, credit cards at the ready.

Think it’s a digital signage daydream? Not if you know how to create an effective and engaging digital signage playlist. Just follow our guidelines and the secret to the perfect digital signage playlist will be at your fingertips.

The perfect digital signage playlist must be people-pleasing

It’s all about the target audience. Customer, client or college applicant, you’ve got to create a playlist that speaks to them specifically. Which means making sure all the content included in your digital signage playlist has the same target audience in mind.

Let’s say you’ve got a hair salon. No point in including an image advertising specials on office-chic up-dos along with a cool new video about the latest goth hairstyles you’ve done. Neither customer will bother sticking around for the rest of the playlist, which means your potential profits take a hit.

So take a little extra time and create several playlists for your digital signage system, with content customized for different target viewers. Both your customers and your bottom line will thank you for it.

Create a digital signage playlist with a concept

The human brain loves patterns. We love their order, their predictability. Basically, we’re big wimps and enjoy the sense of security patterns bring us. What’s cool is that you can use the human brain’s default setting to your advantage to create a great digital signage playlist.

How? By making sure you’ve got a central concept, a thematic through-line that runs the course of your playlist. It makes the brain happy, which means it makes your customers happy. Got a host of back-to-school sales and promotions ready to include in a digital signage playlist? Great! Just don’t slip in that promo code for sexy lingerie. The human brain (and a stampede of enraged moms) will go running in the opposite direction. All because you broke that all-important thematic pattern and jarred them out of their comfort zone.

Pro tip: If you’re an over-achiever, make your playlist tell a story. It gives your customer’s brain that beginning, middle and end pattern it craves while separating you from the pack of competitors.

Make sure important information stands out

So you’ve got awesome new promo videos and spiffy marketing images, all jam-packed with customized content for your target customer. And you’ve thought of a central concept that ties it all together. You’re good and ready to create a digital signage playlist, right? Not so fast.

Because not all information is created equal. You know how you make important facts, figures and info stand out in your individual image, document and video files by using bigger fonts, bright colors or special effects? Well, you’ve got to follow the same strategy when you create playlists for effective sales signage.

Think of your playlist as a mini-movie that puts your products, people and services in the spotlight. You want customers to pay attention to the important parts, right? That means you have to place the information you absolutely need your target audience to see and remember at the beginning and end of your playlist because that’s what the brain remembers best. Like in blockbuster movies, the biggest explosions and most shocking twists happen at the beginning and end. Because that’s what keeps moviegoers hooked.

So when you create a digital signage playlist, start by introducing your new product line or upcoming event. End your playlist with something sales-generating, like offering a promo code, announcing an exclusive sale, or asking clients to preorder. Of course, you should sprinkle news of your big sale or promo code throughout the playlist, but ending with that? It spurs customers to take action and start spending.

And don’t forget, you can set the display duration of images and web pages in your playlist on the Yodeck portal. So make sure people have enough time to actually read your content!

Create a digital signage playlist with videos and images – a lot of them

People find videos and images extremely appealing, no doubt about it. And guess what? That instant attraction also means we’re more likely to remember or buy a product if we see it in action, like in a video or in a series of images.

So when you create a digital signage playlist, beef up your content with colorful images and catchy videos that get your message across to your target audience. Because that’s what people gravitate to. And it’s what will lead to a bump in sales.

Don’t forget your branding

You’ve got to make sure your customers and clients remember you. Who you are, the premium products and services you offer, your promise to them. Otherwise, they’ll just saunter over to your closest competitor and you’ll be left in the lurch. And the best way to remind them is to make sure your branding plays a subtle but vital role when you create playlists for digital signage.

Be discreet, you don’t want to be annoyingly in-your-face. But you can always have your logo in the background of an image file or document. Or feature videos shot on-site where your company name and colors are everywhere. Include those kinds of brand-promoting media when you create playlists and you’ll be both clever and classy with your digital signage marketing.

Jump into the fray with our handy little how-to guide, and you’ll create playlists that make sure your digital signage system keeps your customers and profit margins happy.