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The recent wave of cannabis legalization has created an expanding but intricate cannabis industry. Cannabis dispensary digital signage creates an effective communication channel with consumers, a key goal in the highly contentious marijuana market.

The fluid cultural dynamics around cannabis are changing fast. Yet the legal issues surrounding the sale and marketing of marijuana still pose challenges for cannabis retailers. That’s where digital signage can offer marijuana dispensaries a dynamic and efficient way to engage and inform customers. Let’s get rolling!

What is Dispensary Signage?

Cannabis dispensary signage includes all the materials, print or otherwise, used by retailers to educate, warn and guide consumers through their purchasing journey. 

Some examples of these materials include: digital menus displaying different cannabis strains and their effects, informational posters about safe consumption practices, and signs indicating legal limits for purchase quantities.

Why you need Cannabis Dispensary Signage

Signage in cannabis dispensaries plays a crucial role. While the majority of marijuana retailers do not specifically utilize digital displays, this highly regulated market brings along plenty of disclaimers and safety warnings. These all come in the shape of, well, signs. 

Many of the pioneers in the cannabis industry are and have traditionally been small-sized businesses. For them, the cost of communication materials is an issue that can hamper their growth and severely impact their cannabis marketing strategy.

The right signage guides consumers through your product range. It also helps business owners comply with regulations, ensuring well-informed purchases by consumers.

What’s more, as the cannabis market has only very recently taken off, a great deal of new consumers are entering the market with limited knowledge. “We are seeing more non-consumers with a willingness to try cannabis” says Amanda Reiman, chief knowledge officer at New Frontier Data. This necessitates comprehensive guidance to ensure safe and responsible usage.

Basically, effective signage in cannabis dispensaries is more than just an aesthetic enhancement. It’s an essential component of the retail experience. In this context, digital signage emerges as a pivotal tool in addressing these challenges, and ultimately transforming the way dispensaries interact with their communities.

A digital menu board featuring cannabis products

Benefits of Digital Signage in Marijuana Marketing

Compliance and Education

One of the most important factors for retailers operating in the cannabis industry is compliance with municipal, state and national/federal regulations. As the heavily regulated and evolving industry expands, keeping customers informed about legalities, dosing, and safety is crucial.

Digital signage allows dispensaries to display up-to-date legal information, dosing guides, and health warnings, ensuring compliance and promoting responsible consumption. Most of the time, information disclaimers like these, as well as personal buying limits and other similar measures, are mandatory and need to be clearly communicated. 

Navigating the complex legal status of marijuana advertising can be challenging. Fortunately there is a trove of useful official information to help retailers make the right decisions. 

Increased Sales and Brand Recall

The verdict is in; digital signage is more effective compared to other media when it comes to boosting sales in retail.

So much so that 89% of retailers can determine that digital signage has increased the percentage of customers that make a purchase.

Brand recognition is similarly favored by digital displays. In a Nielsen recall rate study, digital signage scored much higher than any other media. In fact, digital signage achieved a 52% recall rate with the second best performance being television with 32%.  

Signage has thus been a go-to medium for retailers looking to enhance their cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Digital signage can do the trick for that too, with seven in 10 shoppers reportedly having purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. 

Powerful Product Display

The variety of cannabis products and strains is vast and frequently updated. So how do you get all that information across without getting buried in flyers, cardboard displays, and posters?

Similarly to a digital restaurant menu board, digital displays can present your new edibles, exotic strains, and branded accessories in a vivid and sustainable way. By doing this, digital signage enables real-time updates of new arrivals, popular items, and special promotions. In turn enhancing customer engagement and encouraging informed purchases.

With all the tools provided by Yodeck as a cloud-based digital signage software, you can create and manage all that content in one single dashboard.

Two vertical digital signs showing cannabis products

Crafting a Better Cannabis Shopping Experience

Digital screens offer much more than just static information; they can be used to create an overall better experience for both customers and store managers. 

On the one hand, customers can benefit from integrated apps such as interactive menus, videos about the benefits and uses of different products, and educational content about the industry in general. All these can significantly enhance the shopping experience and provide extra value to your customers.

On the other hand, store managers have also much to gain when it comes to creating a pleasant shopping experience. 

Busy brick and mortar stores will always need to mitigate problems of customer flow. Enter digital signage. A smart content strategy applied to a well-deployed digital signage network has the potential to reduce perceived wait times at checkout by as much as 35%. Specially useful for all your shoppers who just can’t wait to blaze up.

Examples of Digital Signage in Cannabis Marketing

We’ve already mentioned how digital signage can help showcase products, improve message delivery and create better shopping experiences. Here we will take a look at how specifically you can leverage all the content creation and management tools available to you through Yodeck.

Cannabis Product Promotion Strategies

As a cloud-based application, Yodeck allows for changing and updating your displays from anywhere, at any time. You can also create schedules and playlists, where you can predetermine the exact order and timelines for your content delivery. 

This way you can target your customers with the most appropriate content for specific times during the day, as well as fit in seasonal content and happy hours whenever you need. The Yodeck digital signage platform makes it easier for you to juggle your swifting needs with the most fitting content. 

Whether promoting high-margin items or displaying elaborative details on each menu item, your product display is bound to have a luminous upgrade with digital signs.

Brand Building Examples

Digital displays in your dispensary need not be limited to product promotion alone. They can work wonders for your brand image as well. 

Enhance your brand identity by incorporating elements like your logo, brand colors, and positive customer testimonials in your messaging. This will help your audience to better identify and recall your brand, effectively saving you resources on brand awareness campaigns. 

You may also consider adding a feature about your team of budtenders and video content that highlights your core values and services. Or further bolster credibility by integrating social media feeds or customer reviews with our apps

These approaches will add a warm, human touch to your cannabis advertising, which is particularly beneficial in a sector that values positive personal interactions in the overall shopping experience.

Sharing Safe Use Information

Your digital displays can also be put to use to ensure your shoppers are provided with safe use information. Promoting responsible consumption like dosing guidelines, potential effects and safety tips to customers can lead in cementing a more robust caring image for your store. 

By providing clear, easily accessible information like that, cannabis dispensaries should enhance customer education. This was they also promote a culture of safety and responsibility within the cannabis community as a whole. 

Utilizing digital signage for this purpose demonstrates a commitment to both customer care and regulatory compliance. The dispensary stands to gain by establishing itself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source of cannabis products.

A digital signage promoting safe use practices of cannabis products

Promoting other services

Yodeck’s features allow for regularly rotating and updating content. They also enable expanding messaging beyond the most obvious ideas for marijuana advertising. 

Some examples include highlighting ancillary services such as consultations, educational sessions, or special events focused on wellness and responsible usage. 

Likewise, you may also offer product delivery, online buying options or a loyalty program. You can squeeze these in your digital signage content too. Cannabis growing seminars? Skincare and bodycare products workshops? All these can easily have their own spot in your content rotation.

Light up!

With dynamic, compliant, and vibrant displays, your dispensary can become the go-to spot for informed and happy customers. They educate, inform, and engage, helping your dispensary grow like a well-tended plant. Keep in mind that digital signage adoption will only grow in the coming years. But you can future-proof your dispensary in the increasingly competitive market today with Yodeck.

So are you ready to light up? Sign up today and get your first screen forever free!