Going Green with Digital Signage

Going green with digital signage isn’t just a trend you follow to get in with the cool kids (aka your competitors).

It actually works. It impacts your budget by saving you thousands of dollars. And it helps save the planet. After all, environmental protection starts with us. Because if we each don’t do our best to save our planet, nobody else will. Both your business and the environment benefit if you go green with digital signage.

What does going green with digital signage really mean?

Firstly, the most obvious way going green with digital signage helps your business and the planet is by saving tons of paper. Before all you naysayers point out that any paper saved goes to electricity used, I’m here to say that’s not true. And the facts back up that claim. In fact, digital signage technology – both the screens and the player – are energy efficient. Finally, choosing digital signage means you cut labor costs. Instead of wasting time designing layouts, printing and photocopying, employees can focus on the more interesting and important aspects of their jobs.

Going green with digital signage saves acres and acres of trees

Check out the following horrifying facts. If you work in an office, you each use 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year on average. However 45% of paper ends up in the circular file (aka the trash can) by the end of the day. We’re killing forests uncontrollably here, people. And it’s got to stop.

Going green with digital signage is a great way to do that, while helping your business effectively engage with customers and employees. Just think about it. People print memos, flyers, posters, and more only to toss it by the end of the day. Why? Because info gets outdated. Turn to digital signage, however, and you can instantly update information with just a few clicks, no matter where you are. Data’s dynamic. Strategies change. Sales and financial info must stay relevant to prove useful. Going green with digital signage lets your message stay relevant and be up-to-the-minute accurate. All while staying paperless. And environmentally-friendly.

So how does it help your business and wallet? Obviously you’ll slash your paper and printing costs. But guess what? You’ll also save by making sure people actually see all that important info you’re printing. In fact, there’s so much paper clutter that important messages get lost in the literal shuffle. Who actually reads everything on office, school or retail cork boards? Going green with digital signage means replacing boring printed flyers, memos and posters with digital bulletin boards that attract attention. Because everyone loves visual content. And digital signage lets you get your message across with eye-catching layouts and playlists, videos and images. Your boring old memo or flyer gets a flashy makeover. And a whole lot more attention.

Added bonus? Data dashboards on digital signage screens get vital info to all who need it. And it’s guaranteed up to date.

Digital signage doesn’t waste electricity

In fact, it’s energy efficient. And it’s all about the tech. LED digital signage and LCD screens help you go green because of their low energy consumption. Depending on size, most use 40-80 Watts per hour, while the price per kWh in the US averages $0.12. Your total? About $2.34 per month. So much less than paper. And you can make sure you purchase energy efficient digital signage displays by checking the Energy Guide first.

Similarly, there are lots of tricks and hacks to keep your electric bill low, save the planet, and give your wallet a reason to smile. One important factor when choosing a screen for outdoor digital signage is screen brightness. Choose screens that boast smart brightness control technology so brightness gets automatically adjusted for sunny or overcast days. Additionally, media players that playback content on your digital signage screens switch screens off automatically. Which means you don’t waste electricity outside business hours.

And what about the media player itself? It’s just as energy efficient. In fact, the Raspberry Pi uses just 6W when powering at full throttle. Going green with digital signage is a no-brainer.

Going green with digital signage gets your labor costs down and employee satisfaction up

Ever wonder how much time employees waste looking for paper documents in the office? About 30-40% of their time. What a colossal waste of your money and their intelligence and talent. And sure, digital signage can’t be the place to store all your documents because it’s just not built for that. But it can certainly display important memos, flyers, stats and financial info. Of course you’ll tell me that email is another way of getting info distributed to the right people, there’s a handy dandy search function and it’s free. But everyone’s bombarded with so many emails each day, there’s no guarantee the important emails will get read.

Which brings me back to how going green with digital signage cuts your labor costs. Digital signage means you go paperless. And your employees get focused. Using office digital signage as a way of getting important information across boosts productivity, motivation and engagement. An additional bonus? Whenever your digital signage content needs updating, a single employee can deploy the fresh info to all screens at once. Remotely, too. No time and money wasted on paper printing and distribution. In fact, there’s no need to burden your graphic designers with boring paper poster and flyer planning ever again. Digital signage software makes it easy for anyone to use videos and edit images in attractive layouts.

And going green with digital signage helps you attract the most talented employees. Millennials especially value how environmentally conscious a prospective employer is, and the majority would take a pay cut to work at such a company. Going green with digital signage works to build a sustainability strategy that also helps recruitment. After all, if you attract the best talent, your labor costs get recouped quickly.

How does going green with digital signage impact you?

Going green with digital signage means slashing the cost of paper printing, electricity consumption and wasted labor hours. And most importantly, it means you deploy technology that attracts your target viewer’s attention. Environmental protection never looked so good. Or helped save you so much money.