TV source app

Yodeckers, this is just a quick update to keep you in-the-know about our recently released features, while we’re hard at work to bring you Yodeck for Android digital signage. Especially our brand new TV Source App might just come in handy for those of you needing to switch between digital signage content and live TV. So here’s the run-down of what’s new with our latest release, with more important and exciting info coming in our December newsletter.

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Happy signaging!

Release Notes

New features

  • Welcome our new TV Source App, which we think will enrich your signage content in playlists, for example. It makes it super easy to show live TV and then show your digital signage content. Crucially, it lets you automatically switch from one HDMI source, your media player, to another, such as your live TV or any other source. Therefore, it’s especially helpful if you have a bar for instance, and you want to schedule a set period of time for digital signage content such as ads and promotions, and then switch to live or cable TV for sports, then back to digital signage. Furthermore, you don’t need any additional device or cable to do this, just select the HDMI source inside the app.
    Also, keep in mind that you can include live TV as part of a screen layout, by using our Video Input feature, which you’ll find as an option in the ‘Video’ media tab. So essentially you can have one part of the layout display content from live or cable TV or a web cam, and then add digital signage components around it, such as weather and news apps or your own signage ads and promos. Also, you’ll still see the subtitles or captions included in your live TV programs. However, you will need a USB video capture device to plug into your Yodeck Raspberry Pi media player in order to add live TV or web cam content in screen layouts.
  • Yodeck for BrightSign is out of Beta, as we are now confident it delivers the professional digital signage solution Yodeck is proud to offer.


  • Also, now you’ll see gapless 4K video transitions with the Yodeck Raspberry Pi media player, so that when one 4K video switches to another 4K video, it’s seamless. However, you’ll need at least a 2GB Raspberry Pi Player to experience gapless 4K video transitions, and don’t forget to enable the 4K video option from your account settings.
  • Pagination for playlists is here so that editing playlists becomes much faster—which is great for accounts with a lot of content.