Cyber Monday digital signage

Think your Cyber Monday advertising campaign should happen online only? Think again. Because Cyber Monday digital signage could play a crucial role in increasing sales and profits. With 89% of retailers stating that their digital signage boosts sales, you can use your retail digital signage to complement any newsletter and online ad campaigns you’ve got going. Wondering how brick-and-mortar tech such as digital signage can work for Cyber Monday? Check out these tips for successfully advertising Cyber Monday deals as part of your customers’ in-store experience. 

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Start Cyber Monday digital signage promos early

Since you’re already using your digital signage display network throughout your store to advertise Black Friday sales, throw in some ads for Cyber Monday deals. However much shoppers will focus on in-store Black Friday promotions, they’ll also pay attention to special Cyber Monday offers. Most importantly, add some teasers and previews of upcoming online-only Cyber deals to your sales signage displays.

Also, since you don’t want to bombard Black Friday campaigns with Cyber offers, just schedule when playlists that include Monday’s online-only deals appear on screen. And start early, as you would with your Black Friday deals. Create some Cyber sales hype, so you add to that sense of shopping madness. You’ll also simultaneously put your online shop on customers’ must-click list.

Advertise new stock arriving in time for Cyber Monday

Certainly, some of the most popular must-have items will sell out during Black Friday. But if you know you’ve got more stock coming in (or if you’re extra smart and sneaky and keep some specifically for Cyber Monday), update your Black Friday signage screens. Most importantly, you can update your signage content in real time, with a news flash saying that particular sold-out phone or designer bag will be available again on Cyber Monday.

Therefore, you’ll pull off a retailer’s dream. Firstly, you’ll make customers happy knowing they’ll still be able to get their hands on that super discounted item they absolutely need to have. Secondly, you know they’ll be at their laptops first thing Monday morning, ready to pounce on that ‘Buy now’ button. Additionally, once they’re logged-in to your e-shop, they’ll probably browse other deals and add even more items to their basket.

Announce limited-time deals using Cyber Monday digital signage

Time-sensitive offers work great to get people clicking like crazy. If you’ve set certain times on your website for each department’s big deals, such as 9-12 for laptop sales, then you know you’ll have people on the edge of their seats waiting for those sales to go live.

But how do you communicate that to customers who aren’t already loyal shoppers? Simply advertise the schedule of your limited-time Cyber Monday deals on TVs throughout your brick-and-mortar store. It’ll pique the interest of new customers who came in after seeing your Black Friday shop window digital signage.

Above all, remember that videos and images are the bread and butter of successful digital signage strategies. Significantly, visual media stands out more than written messages, so add attention-grabbing photos and videos to your written content. Also, if you use free screen layout templates, just drag & drop those videos and photos into the layout. Of course, you can also add your branding, as well as a Cyber Monday logo, to ensure customers know that deal will be online-only, at a glance.

Word of mouth works wonders

With Cyber Monday shopping set to reach a record high this year, you’ve got to reach those Black Friday phobes who won’t be caught dead standing in line for hours. Instead, they’ll do their shopping in the comfort of their pajamas on Cyber Monday. So how do you make sure they know about your deals if they aren’t loyal customers?

Count on their friends to see your ads and promos on your in-store signage TVs and then tell them all about it. Sometimes, the best kind of advertising comes from friendly chats. So, work your Cyber Monday digital signage promos in early, catch shoppers’ eyes, and get them talking.

Using signage in your physical stores ups online sales

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to advertise Cyber Monday deals in your brick-and-mortar shops, it will help get shoppers to your website. And if you do digital signage right, it saves you time and money, too. Firstly, add teasers of Cyber Monday deals to your Black Friday content. Also, keep shoppers informed of online-only limited-time deals and if you’re getting new stock specifically for Cyber Monday. Additionally, when in-store shoppers see your Cyber Monday promos, they’ll tell their friends – which means you get more customers and more sales, hassle-free.

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