Black Friday digital signage

Did you know that 89% of retailers say their digital signage boosts sales? That’s a lot of profit-making power packed into your screens. Pair that with Black Friday’s shopping frenzy where people are practically throwing cash and cards at you, and you can make a veritable mint. However, with high inflation and a cost of living crisis potentially limiting people’s purchases, it’s imperative you employ sales signage in a smart and effective way, to make sure your bottom line doesn’t take a hit. But fear not – it’s super easy to put in place a successful Black Friday digital signage strategy. Just follow these sales-boosting tips.

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Start early with Black Friday digital signage promos

Competition is fierce on Black Friday. But add in concerns that people will spend less because of the higher cost of living, and it’s more important than ever to throw your signage screens into your marketing mix. Therefore, displaying upcoming promos early offers one way to make the most of Black Friday digital signage. Get people excited about your store and your deals ahead of the actual day. And it’s so easy to achieve.

Firstly, use a countdown ticker as part of your Black Friday signage, along with previews and teasers of deals. Crucially, this attracts the attention of people walking by and adds to that all-important sense of anticipation. Then, you can add it to a playlist of Black Friday templates in addition to ads for your current promotions. Do the same with your in store digital signage screens, too. Most importantly, when people see your upcoming Black Friday discounts for something they just HAVE to have, your store will certainly be part of their must-go-to shopping spree.

Focus on videos and pics for Black Friday signage

Whether it’s during the run-up to Black Friday or on the actual day, use lots of videos and images. Why? Because they catch people’s eye more than text. And that’s precisely what you need to get people focused on your ads and not your competitors’ promos and flyers.

So, what kinds of attractive media draw people into your store the most? Unboxing videos of the year’s most popular or hard-to-get gadgets and toys do the job. Also, you can add pics or videos with the best gifts for mom, dad, significant other or coworkers. Crucially, these kinds of videos and photos on Black Friday signs offer helpful gift ideas. That, in addition to eye-popping discounts, will make customers walk through your door. Most importantly, keep in mind that to get people’s attention, your Black Friday screens must be media-heavy.

Put Black Friday screens where they’ll have the most impact

Firstly, make sure you have signage screens in your shop windows. Of course, if you’ve followed our tips and displayed teasers to passers-by ahead of time, you’re already good to go. However, if you haven’t, this is absolutely imperative in order to create a successful Black Friday digital signage strategy that ups sales.

Why? Because first of all, a screen advertising huge discounts gets people walking by to stop, take notice and enter your store. Also, if long lines form outside your door on Black Friday, you need to keep people interested and entertained. Otherwise, they might just go elsewhere. Essentially, digital signage reduces perceived wait times by up to 35%. That means lots of happy customers who won’t complain about the wait, but instead will run in to grab that gadget you’ve got a great discount on.

Also, consider putting up Black Friday signage screens that advertise promotions at checkout counters. Not only will this make long lines seem less aggravating, but you can spur impulse buys. Once people queue with carts full of deals, use playlists on screens to advertise small, affordable items they can find at the checkout counter. You can also promote loyalty programs and upcoming Cyber Monday sales. Therefore, your digital signage screens turn your Black Friday customers into fervent fans of your store.

Remember, your screens on Black Friday must pull double duty. Firstly, they’ll advertise all your amazing sales. Secondly, they’ll make sure long lines don’t lead to grumpy customers. So plan ahead with screen placement and create a great Black Friday digital signage marketing campaign.

Maximize the FOMO factor using your signage screens

You know the feeling, right? You want that latest-gen new phone, waited in line for hours, then elbowed your way to the shelf only to see it’s already sold out. Use that bummed-out feeling to put your Black Friday screens to work and make sure your customers stay happy.

How? Firstly, get some screens up in your most popular departments or where you’ll have the best must-have items on sale. Then, on Black Friday, update your sale signage in real time to warn shoppers that stock’s running low. Fear of missing out works wonders for your bottom line by boosting sales.

Also, you can use Black Friday sale signs with screens in each department to promote limited-time deals or great discounts specific to that department. For instance, people know you’ve got exclusive designer shoes on sale. How about also advertising the matching bag on a screen that’s in the shoe department? Then, one purchase quickly turns into two, which is great for you. So, don’t forget to cross-sell and up-sell using your Black Friday digital signage.

Free Black Friday templates make your screens look great

We know it’s absolute madness in the run-up to Black Friday. So cut down on design costs and also save yourself some time by using free Black Friday templates. In addition, you can add screen layout templates to playlists too, so your Black Friday deals run automatically throughout the day (and in the weeks before, too). Most importantly, you can customize layout templates any way you want. Add your branding, logos, photos and videos. Also, you can do all this personalization in minutes. Just check out the video for all the easy steps.

Black Friday digital signage helps sales soar

With easy ways to make your Black Friday screens attract customers and boost sales, your bottom line will prosper. Firstly, start with teasers to get people interested in your upcoming sales. Then, put your screens where they’ll be seen by customers. Also, attract their attention by using appealing videos and images. In addition, use free Black Friday templates to make sure your screens look professionally designed. Even with current economic difficulties, your Black Friday screens will help your sales soar.

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