Stephen Hawking once said, “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”, and he couldn’t be more accurate. In today’s world, the younger generation is increasingly tech-savvy and prefers digital media over traditional forms of communication. Moreover, education digital signage can capture their attention and convey information in an engaging and interactive way. With Yodeck, this can be child’s play as it offers a variety of easy-to-manage solutions and free templates.

Digital signage can help you create fun and interactive displays that will capture students’ attention, keep them engaged throughout their time on campus and increase their motivation. Let’s explore 5 powerful ideas that can help you connect with your students and create a more dynamic experience with digital signage in schools.

Digital signage screen with social media posts in a university

1. Use Social Media

Students are highly active on almost all social media platforms, so why not use this to your advantage? Create social media walls to display feeds on your digital signage to showcase the latest updates, photos, and videos related to your school or university. Placing screens in strategic locations on campus can help create a sense of community and keep you engaged with your students.

2. Display Relevant Information

To capture students’ attention and make it easier for them to stay informed, it’s important to display relevant and valuable information on your digital signage. For instance, you can showcase campus news, class or exam schedules, upcoming events, and other important announcements. Doing so will make students more likely to pause and read the content on your digital signage.

3. Motivate and inspire

Another effective way to utilize digital signage on your campus is to display motivational and inspiring quotes or accomplishments, encouraging students to push through a challenging day and inspiring them to stay focused. You can pair these quotes with eye-catching graphics and animations to further capture their attention with engaging library digital signage. Keep in mind that it is essential to use bold colors and typography to create a lasting impression, and consider adding fun and playful animations to keep your students engaged.

4. Wayfinding Guide

Students often have a lot on their minds in today’s fast-paced world, especially when new to campus. It’s easy for them to get lost in a building, miss their classes, or struggle to find the correct department for assistance. This is where digital signage can be valuable and help create a more enjoyable and safe campus. By strategically placing screens for wayfinding digital signage in key areas, you can provide navigation assistance to help students find their way around the campus, including information desks, restrooms, dining areas, and other vital locations.

5. Emergency Alerts

In case of an emergency, when everyone is stressed and unsure of what to do, campus digital signage can be a crucial tool for instant updates and wide coverage of important information such as evacuation instructions or emergency contact numbers. With content creation and management flexibility, digital signage can be easily updated or changed as the situation evolves, allowing for customized text, graphics, videos, or audio messages.

Digital signage screen with class program

Here are some bonus pointers to enhance digital signage on your campus!

Keep it Short and Simple:

When designing digital signage content, keep in mind that students have short attention spans. Therefore, keep your content concise and to the point. Use bullet points or infographics to convey information quickly and effectively. Avoid using long paragraphs or complicated language that can bore or confuse students.

Be Interactive:

Make your digital signage interactive by incorporating quizzes, games, or polls. This can create a fun and engaging way for students to interact with your content. It can also help reinforce important information that students need to remember.

Examples are often the most effective way to learn and understand the significance of digital signage. Here, you can see why New York University chose Yodeck as its digital signage solution and learn more about it.

In summary, digital signage proves to be a powerful tool that captures students’ attention and conveys information fun and engagingly. You can use eye-catching graphics, animations, and social media to speak their language and create an effective digital signage strategy that keeps you engaged with your students.

Engage, Inform, and Inspire!