Signage in the workplace

Are you looking for new ways to efficiently communicate information to your employees? Do office digital signage solutions sound quite enticing, but you’re not sure how they can help you in that direction? If you answered yes, then stick with us. We’ve gathered a few creative ways to reap the benefits of workplace Digital Signage, and you can start with a free plan.

Customers shared with us the most inventive ways they brighten up their screens. As they shared with us, by using our platform they managed to upgrade their communication with employees and improved their businesses on a wide range of aspects. That’s why we decided to share them with you. So you can get insight on how to apply digital signage for corporate communications in your own workplace.

Before we get into the meat of the topic let’s first see what we mean by “workplace”. And we’ll also answer the following question you’re probably asking yourself right now.

Is workplace digital signage suitable for my own business?

The answer is definitely yes. You’ll find digital signage in the workplace will help your business no matter its size. You might be in charge of a huge company with hundreds of employees. Or a department manager, such as a head of personnel, in a medium-sized company. And don’t forget digital signage benefits can work wonders for small business owners, too. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Signage can effectively be implemented as a solution in any type of workplace. Factories, offices, organizations, shop workrooms, as well as restaurants, cafes and bars can all benefit from digital signage. Why? Because there’s always room for improvement in your digital corporate communications with your employees by using such a solution. To put it differently, any area that is accessible to your employees can host screens or use existing ones in some really creative ways that make a difference.

That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss below, the many digital signage benefits that are at your fingertips. We’ll tell you how you can benefit from showing relevant content to your employees, using digital signage. You will breathe new life in your screens, for your company’s benefit.

With digital signage in the workplace you’ll be able to make any type of content easily available to your employees. Even if your company has departments scattered across the world or just a few employees, your business can benefit with digital signage for internal communications.

Types of content you can show on your screens as digital signage

Well, before we move on to our customers’ use cases, let’s give you an overview of the different content types you can share. So here they are:

  • Your content can be informative such as news, important updates etc.
  • You can also show educational or training content such as safety rules.
  • Additionally, you can even show entertaining content. Or use content intended both to entertain and to inform your employees.

What’s the most competitive advantage of sharing content with digital signage platforms — as opposed to any other medium? The content you share can be easily modified and “broadcast” to all of your screens, wherever they are. This feature translates to a bundle of use cases that can transform your workplace or at least benefit it. And digital signage in the workplace does so in a way that no other solution can.

To give you some insights on that, read on to find out what our customers shared with us.

How our customers use Yodeck digital signage for corporate communications

Our customers use Yodeck in a wide range of workplaces, from offices to factories. So here are just a few use cases:

– “broadcast our call statistics from our internal site”
– “displayed our Trello boards on a large screen”
– “relayed messages to our employees such as upcoming events or things they need to know”
– “showed employees without a PC workstation the most important news”
– “showed our company’s top news to our employees”
– “put informational screens at each one of our stations for our employees to view different content based on their location”
– “displayed our performance dashboards on our screens”
– “Used our TV in our break room and show our employees’ time off”

Additionally, many customers started using digital signage screens for other purposes, such as for their customers. After a while they realized they can also show content internally to their employees. They went on to display shift schedules on digital calendar displays or share content that promotes company culture. Day by day our customers keep astonishing us with their creativity. And they prove to us how digital signage for employee communication boosts their business.

Of course, you might not see some of your own company’s needs in the scenarios above. However, you too can get top digital signage benefits, as described below.

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What are the benefits of using signage for your business?

So how can you make the most out of Digital Signage in the workplace? Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy by applying it to your own case:

Increase productivity

Improve your workflow by showing relevant content on your screens. Show tasks, statistics or any other type of content you want to make it available to your employees. Display this type of content on you screens to help coordinate and manage your team efficiently. You can also show Google Analytics on screens, share call statistics or task boards. Whichever content you prefer, with digital signage in the workplace you can escalate all of your core KPIs. Corporate communications digital signage helps with a range of office activities and needs.

Save time by centrally managing and communicating digital corporate communication messages (massively or per department)

All your employees can access the information you share, no matter where they are. It can be available on your screens, for employees to view or re-view whenever they need to. Focus on any type of information that could prove useful to your employees. And you can update content remotely, no matter how far apart your headquarters, offices or stores are. That’s why many of our customers prefer digital signage for internal communications to distributing flyers.

Improve security and safety with digital signage for the workplace

You can easily show safety tips and guidelines regarding coronavirus or general hygiene and workplace safety standards on your screens. Using corporate digital signage in the workplace guarantees that all of your employees have access to important content. You can take a look at our free covid-19 digital signage templates. Also, you can prepare related content or use content as provided by relevant authorities. Additionally, you can display custom safety standards or protocols you need to adhere to with digital signage in the workplace. Most importantly, you can think of workplace digital signage as a digital display board for office employees.

Convey your message with visual stimuli when you can’t use loudspeakers

In loud places, such as factories or in quiet places, such as hospitals, communication faces an added obstacle. You can’t use a loudspeaker. However, benefits of digital communication includes the fact that you can still inform your employees or visitors effectively by displaying messages on your screens. Workplace signage offers an ideal solution. .

Grab your employees’ attention by showing important information

Visuals, as opposed to static content shown on printed posters or paper announcements on cork boards, make communication more direct. They help you digitally pin up and highlight important information of any type. With digital content you have plenty of options to share it with your audience. Easily make your announcements as plain or as fancy as you prefer by setting up digital bulletin boards. You can highlight important information or add scrolling texts and tickers, if needed. You can also create customized templates to easily edit and share with your employees. Additionally, you can use some of the free signage templates that Yodeck offers. This makes using a digital display board for office communication very easy for all teams to update every day with important messages.

Offer continuous training to employees and improve productivity

You can show educational videos or any other type of content using digital corporate office signage. This content helps your employees build relevant skills or adopt specific behaviors, within the workplace.

No ‘recipient’ device needed. Your screen content is available to all of your employees

With digital signage in the workplace, your employees don’t need a specific device in order to get the information you want to convey. They do not need to use their phone or their laptop. Note that a laptop or PC workstation is not available in some workplaces. In any case, with Digital Signage solutions you have an extra option to communicate, if you prefer.

Keep your employees happy and satisfied

We usually focus on satisfied customers, but it’s satisfied employees that achieve that. And that applies even if your employees aren’t in direct contact with your customers. Why? Because emotions in the workplace affect company culture and, consequently, productivity. And one creative way to infuse your employees’ emotions is using visual content on your screens. You can easily — and creatively — share more than work-related content with your employees. You can change your content on special dates, such as Thanksgiving. Or you can post upcoming company events. Consider displaying wishes and inspirational content that make your employees feel more like home. Signage for workplace messaging creates a more cohesive company culture using digital signage corporate communication that engages employees with its visual impact.

Increase team bonding and create a culture of recognition

Use digital signage in the workplace to show relevant messages. Give credit to top performers or allow your employees to “post” appreciation messages on screens. You can be as creative as you want. Our Digital Signage solution comes with so many features that allow you to create the content you prefer. What’s better than teamwork and recognition in the workplace?

Build and cultivate transparent company culture

All employees consume the same information, with content displayed on your screens.

No more printing and wasting paper. Go green and reduce stationary costs

Since you can make the best of your screens to broadcast relevant information for your employees, your company can be more environmentally friendly. And, with Yodeck you can take it a step further. Schedule your screens to turn off when there are no employees around. Why display content when your offices, stores or factories are closed? You can opt for energy efficient screens. But, in any case, the energy footprint of screens is really low in comparison with other devices used in the workplace, such as air conditions. Digital signage in the workplace contributes to your energy efficiency policy.

Ready to transform your business communication with Digital Signage in the workplace?

Our app gallery comes with time, calendar, news, weather and other apps you can use. Simply add them to your screens, no matter where they are. If you want to edit your apps, all changes get displayed immediately. And, even if you’re not yet sure what kind of content your employees need to see, use our free templates and just add your copy, images or any other material you prefer.

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