The interactive way to display schedules

Use a smart wall calendar to show dates, days of the week, and scheduled events. Add and edit information interactively, within seconds.

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Screen showing a company schedule
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Benefits of a digital calendar display

Real-time updates

An electronic wall calendar allows for real-time updates. Any changes or additions to the calendar are instantly reflected on the digital signage.

Adaptable content

Digital schedule boards are adaptable to various contexts and industries, from corporate offices to retail stores. Make information sharing easy.


Make your digital calendar display the way you like it. Add colors and special elements that represent your brand. Utilize our free & customizable templates to create an engaging touchscreen calendar.


A digital wall calendar can be interactive. Let users touch the screen to access more detailed information about specific events, check availability, or even make reservations!


Communicate effectively

Use our free calendar apps, like Google Calendar or monthly and weekly calendars to communicate upcoming events and schedules with your audience.

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Transform any screen into a

digital wall calendar with Yodeck

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