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Back to school template for digital signage at schools

The first day of school is the day that will determine the rest of the school year. Make it unique with a first day of school sign!

As the summer break ends, students eagerly anticipate reuniting with friends while newcomers seek a warm welcome into the school. Education digital signage is capable of shaping both fun and engaging first impressions. By using its power well, schools can flare up excitement among students to set the stage for an impressive start to the new year and overall experience.

First day of school digital sign at a school locker room

Yodeck’s digital signage at schools

Schools have been places of education, fun, and entertainment. In today’s age, digital signage in schools has emerged as a practical and dynamic solution for encouraging effective communication, engaging students, and creating a vibrant learning environment. Schools can seamlessly share real-time announcements, event schedules, and essential reminders by using library digital signage and strategically placing dynamic screens at the entrances and exits or the school’s cafeteria. These captivating displays serve as platforms to show student achievements, deliver inspirational messages, and present engaging educational content that elevates the overall school experience.

Yodeck’s digital signage captures attention, keeping students, staff, and visitors informed, connected, and immersed in the school’s vibrant community.

Template ideas for the first day of school

There are many ways of fostering engagement, fun, and even interactivity in your digital signage for schools. With a variety of free & unique templates at your disposal, you are able to create a memorable experience.

Let’s explore some captivating ideas that will set the tone for an extraordinary first day:

“Welcome to a New School Year”

This template should be used every year to greet students and make them feel motivated. Use campus digital signage to remind them that they are about to embark on a new academic journey. Add your school logo or mascot and include the date to create a digital sign that greets students on the first day of school.

Say Hi to new teachers template for digital signage

“Classroom Locations & Timetable”

To ensure a smooth transition and avoid frustration, use a first day of school sign to show the schedule and timetable for the day. You can also use it to inform students about break periods, and any special activities. This template makes everyone aware of the day’s events, allowing students and staff to stay organized and prepared.

Meet your new Teachers / Classmates

A new academic year sometimes means new instructors! Help your students and teachers’ relationship flourish from day one. Use this template to introduce students to their new teacher. Include fun facts and add a photo of the teacher to help students get to know their new teacher.

Welcome Back

A good alternative to a “Welcome to a new school year” template could be a “Welcome back” template. For returning students, use this template to welcome them back to school and remind them of the exciting new things they can expect in the coming year. Use fun graphics and colors to make it catchy and more engaging.

Motivational quotes & fun facts

This template is perfect for setting a positive tone on the first day of school. Add motivational quotes or inspiring images to encourage students to have a positive attitude. You can also showcase trivia about the school’s history or thought-arousing questions that students can discuss. Ease the first day and create a sense of belonging for the newbies.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.”

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

Inspirational quotes template for digital signage at schools

To sum up

Digital signage offers unlimited possibilities and benefits. From warm welcome messages to informative schedules and engaging icebreakers, these templates bring communication to life and contribute to a positive and engaging school environment. By leveraging digital signage, schools can effectively set the stage for a successful academic year. Embrace the power of the first day of school sign and make it memorable for everyone involved.