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All kinds of innovators are using the Raspberry Pi right now. For starters, they may be small, but the Pis perform powerfully and can support various industry applications. With all the advantages, it’s no wonder that there’s been a rise in Raspberry Pi solutions for business and commercial usage.

Raspberry Pi digital signage

“The Raspberry Pi foundation, with its global community, offers a great platform for software developers.”


Full Stack Developer for Yodeck Digital Signage

Overall, the Raspberry Pi is a super-affordable single board computer in the form of a credit card-sized device. Moreover, they are also energy efficient micro-computers that you can repurpose, refurbish, or resell after use. Here at Yodeck, we love these devices, and we wanted to find other companies taking full advantage of the amazing possibilities that the Raspberry Pi board offers. So, if you’re interested in innovative Raspberry Pi solutions for business, here are our top picks!

What is Unipi technology?

Unipi uses the Raspberry Pi technology for home and industrial automation. The company focuses on software openness and develops programmable logic controllers (PLC), IoT gateways, sensors, and systems. In general, automation is a solution for many businesses seeking to speed up workflow, save time and money, and improve organizational efficiency. At Unipi technology, they have developed and produced smart open source programmable logic controllers suitable for various applications, from smart homes with IoT devices to industry and manufacturing, including customization options.

“The Raspberry Pi has a large community, is small in size, and offers a more than sufficient performance, even for larger and demanding applications.“


What is Emteria.OS?

Emteria.OS brings Android to embedded systems and custom hardware with an operating system that supports the Raspberry Pi. The business app offers a cloud-based solution to build, deploy, and manage Android-based embedded systems at scale. Therefore, developers can tailor the system to suit industrial user requirements. As a result, embedded product solutions such as digital signage devices, POS systems, and human-machine interfaces in the manufacturing space can benefit from such an approach. The commercial operating system is a popular choice for building a scalable and secure Raspberry Pi project. Nowadays, Emteria.OS and Device Hub are used on thousands of devices in over 65 countries worldwide. 

“We help our customers to take advantage of Android while reducing time to market, saving costs, and, most importantly, ensuring long-term security for all their devices.”


What is Turing Pi

Turing Pi was created by a company called Turing Machines, and they sell a board that you can buy. The Turing Pi supports Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson. It can connect multiple Raspberry Pis to form a cluster and offers multi-purpose solutions. For example, the board makes an excellent base for a home server, as well as cloud apps hosting. Also, the Turing Pi cluster can host Edge applications or Internet of Things (IoT) applications, as well as being used to learn concepts of distributed Machine Learning apps.

“The concept of a cluster board is similar to a PC motherboard, but with an Ethernet network instead of a PCI bus. Rather than using just one processor, the cluster board can combine multiple processors and multiple types of processors. As an example, a general-purpose compute module can work in combination with a machine learning module. This heterogeneous approach could open a wider adaptation of machine learning.”

Turing Pi

What is Xojo?

Xojo is a web development platform that creates software you can use to create applications. And you can make these apps for the Raspberry Pi too. Founded with the idea that software development should be accessible to everyone, Xojo is straightforward and intuitive to use. With traditional tools, creating apps can be a highly complex process. However, with Xojo’s cross-platform development tool , anyone can learn to create high-quality, native apps for the Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux), Web, iOS (iPad/iPhone), and Raspberry Pi. At present, Xojo’s apps are active in commercial software applications, governments, universities, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. 

“Raspberry Pi is a small and inexpensive solution with endless applications, and Xojo is a great way to rapidly build apps for it. Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, you’ll find developing apps with Xojo to be straightforward and intuitive. And, developing Raspberry Pi apps with Xojo is free.”


What is Ch?

SoftIntegrations is a company that creates software you can use to create applications for education and development, including apps that Raspberry Pi products (1, 2, 3, Pi Zero, Pi Zero W), in addition to many other platforms. Ch is a C/C++ interpreter and scripting language environment used by teachers, students, engineers, and scientists worldwide. Users can learn math, computing, C/C++, and write cross-platform code and embedded scripts quickly and efficiently. Essentially, Ch is the most complete, cross-platform C interpreter and C scripting engine in existence, providing customers with the best scripting language environment for their computing needs.

In conclusion, many professionals consider using Raspberry Pi solutions for business. Although known for being a platform for experimentation, it’s fair to say that any Raspberry Pi device is viable for industrial use. Indeed, each of the companies we’ve listed have undoubtedly added value to the Raspberry Pi ecosystem while providing industry-leading solutions. If you’re still intrigued by the commercial capabilities of Pi, read our review of the Raspberry Pi 4 – the most optimized model for business.