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Ensure the community stays informed by showcasing up-to-date announcements via government digital signage. Establish clear and efficient communication with both the public and employees.

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Of people can recall easily seeing a digital message



Increase in compliance with COVID-19 safety signs



Improved productivity with office digital signage

Free government digital signage templates

Communicate with the public and employees by using digital signage. Update content and important information with our customizable templates.


Serve multiple purposes simultaneously

Seamlessly connect with your community through our user-friendly government signage apps tailored to your needs. Now, you can easily inform, communicate & engage audiences.

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Simply drag & drop images, videos, and documents onto our platform. With just one click, they appear on screens, easily managed remotely.

Create playlists and customize them effortlessly using our free templates for quick updates.

Our extensive video tutorial library guides you step by step, from setup to becoming an expert user.

Just connect our Yodeck Media Playerno technical expertise needed, we assure you. It’s sturdy and dependable.

Above all, it’s purpose-built for digital signage, earning the trust of global organizations for its commercial-grade technology.

Trust in our exceptional security features that ensure both our software and hardware remain safe.

Count on our firewall, SSL, and password policies, alongside Player Lockdown and Encryption functionalities.”

Use your photos and videos, or choose from thousands of free stock media from our Galleries.

Easily display and update your content in real-time, from our online platform, no matter where you are.

We offer affordable pricing plans with many features tailored to your needs that fit every budget.

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Digital signage for office


Enhancing employee experience

Government digital signage holds immense value within military offices and embassies, benefiting employees. These dynamic displays are vital for relaying real-time updates , emergency procedures, and daily operations. They enhance engagement by providing access to essential information and resources and promote community by showcasing events, achievements, and recognition, fostering a positive work environment.

Extra benefits with government signage

Real time updates icon

Real-time updates

Digital signage enables instant dissemination of information, allowing government agencies to provide up-to-the-minute updates.

Emergency alert icon

Emergency alerts

Digital signs can quickly broadcast emergency alerts and notifications, enhancing public safety by disseminating critical information rapidly.

Communication icon


Whether road closures, public health announcements, or community events, digital signage ensures citizens receive updates promptly.

Engagement icon


Interactive features like touchscreens or QR codes foster engagement, allowing citizens to access information or provide feedback.

Remote Management icon

Remote control

Content can be updated remotely, making it easy for government entities to ensure displays are always current and relevant.

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Save money

Save money using government digital signage software to replace traditional paper marketing materials.