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Offices was last modified: September 28th, 2017 by Yodeck

Enterprises can reap multiple benefits from a wide array of digital signage usage scenarios. Share data dashboards with real-time analytics and other information, or deploy screens in recreational areas at offices and factories to entertain employees as well as display useful information.

Key use cases

Display live data dashboards

Communications and alerts in lobbies and other common spaces

Entertainment: video walls for social media channel content

News & information: screens showing relevant local info (weather, company news & events)

Advertising & branding

Staff training

Key benefits

Increase employee motivation by highlighting performance recognition with leaderboards and awards

Make internal communications more simple, effective and tech-focused with visually compelling formats and content

Bring teams closer together across multiple office locations with shared content

Impress visitors and business partners with tech-driven approach to meetings, presentations and communications

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