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Interactive Touchscreen

Yodeckers, we have a host of exciting new features – starting with Interactive Touchscreen Android and Web players. Also, we launched Yodeck for Tizen/Samsung commercial-grade displays as a Beta. And Yodeck for Android graduated from Beta to our family of reliable and robust player options (plus, get a few helpful tips on how to effectively use Android tablets as part of your digital signage). And of course we have some handy features that prove helpful to large accounts.

Engage Customers and Visitors with Interactive Touchscreen Android & Web Players

Have a touchscreen device, such as a TV, tablet, computer screen or smartphone? Then, you’re sure to delight viewers with our new interactivity feature that lets people interact with websites. Most importantly, it’s super useful in stores, museums, schools or any business with website content that intrigues customers or visitors and makes them want to learn more and explore.

Please note, this touchscreen interactivity feature is available for Yodeck Android and Web Players only. Just enable it through the ‘Monitors’ setting. And it also works for Apps, too, to help your teams interact with data dashboards and target the exact info they need.

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Yodeck for Android News & Tips

Hundreds of you jumped at the chance to add Android devices to your Yodeck digital signage network at a Beta stage, which we love. After fixing a few minor issues, Yodeck for Android digital signage is now out of Beta and part of our standard, robust Player options.

We know most of you love big-screen Android TVs for signage. But are you wondering how you can also effectively use Android tablets for digital signage? We got you covered with easy tips, helpful ideas and a video to get them set up in minutes.

Yodeck for Tizen is in Public Beta

We’re always adding new player options so as to offer you even more flexibility in your digital signage deployments, and this time we’re expanding to support Tizen professional signage screens. Therefore, if you have commercial-grade Samsung displays, you can now use them with Yodeck for Tizen digital signage. It’s currently in Beta, and you’ll find Tizen as a new Player option when you add a new monitor.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Free Templates

St. Patrick's templates

Go on, wear something green, put on your shamrock pins and also have some St. Patrick’s Day fun with your signage screens. We’ve added a bunch of free templates that you can customize – and they might just bring some Irish luck to your business, too.

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Export Users & Monitors for Easier Analysis

For those of you with large accounts, you can now export detailed information about screens and users quickly and easily. You’ll get it as a CSV file, so your IT team can then use the software of their choice to do all the data analysis. Also, Enterprise users, you’ll have to first select “All Workspaces” to get info for all your monitors.

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Behind the Scenes at ISE 2023

Yodeck at ISE 2023

It was wonderful seeing you at ISE – in fact chatting with YOU was the real highlight of the event for us. But for those of you who couldn’t make it, you can read about all our insights and get some fun facts about the show. You can also see photos of our booth and some goofy team pics.

Release Notes

New features

  • Export Users & Monitors: Export detailed information about your users and monitors in CSV format so that you can work on them with your team using the software you prefer. For Enterprise users, you need to select “All Workspaces” at the top of the portal in order to export all monitors data.
  • Web & Android Players: Enable Touchscreen for Websites: You can now display interactive websites or Apps on touchscreen devices using Yodeck. This is supported only for Web & Android Players and you can enable it from the new monitor setting “Enable Touchscreen (for websites & apps)” which allows touchscreen functionality for the Website or App that is displayed.
  • Yodeck for Tizen – Public Beta: Users with commercial-grade Samsung displays can now use Yodeck to manage their content and devices. You will find this new player type when adding a new monitor.


  • Android out of Beta: After more than 2 months in Beta phase, supporting hundreds of online devices and solving a few minor issues, we released Android out of Beta. Bring your Android devices to Yodeck with full confidence.
  • Offline troubleshooting chatbot: Knowing that your Raspberry Pi Player is offline is valuable but it doesn’t solve the problem itself. We went one step further by providing a troubleshooting chatbot that will guide you step by step so you can bring your player back online. Relying on our many years of troubleshooting experience, it can guide to instantly solve the most common troubleshooting use cases. Of course, if the problem is not solved, you can always contact our support experts.
  • BrightSign – Ticker optimization: You can see some major improvements with the Ticker App when used on BrightSign devices. No matter the BrightSign device, playback is optimized to offer smooth display.