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Yodeck provides an expertly engineered CMS for Tizen powered screens, ensuring smooth playback without the need for any external media players. Crucially, you’ll experience the best of both worlds by combining Yodeck’s outstanding digital signage software with the reliable and powerful Tizen devices.

The Yodeck platform offers unparalleled ease of use with a comprehensive set of powerful digital signage features. You can effortlessly display various content types, including images, videos, documents, and more within minutes. Through the platform, you can intuitively schedule your content to ensure that it reaches the right audience, on the right screen, at the right time.

With Yodeck and Tizen supported devices you will enjoy optimized transitions that deliver seamless and uninterrupted results. Rest assured, Yodeck guarantees exceptional performance even in the most demanding signage applications.

Yodeck allows you to remotely manage, schedule and update your content, while also offering a vast selection of free content resources, ranging from professionally-designed and customizable layout templates to stock media and apps. This way you can unlock boundless possibilities for captivating content and create unforgettable screen experiences.

Yodeck Tizen Samsung Player

Expand your business opportunities with our partner programs

Offer a complete professional signage experience through Yodeck’s White-label and Reseller programs. Add extra value to your business, increase your customers’ loyalty and boost your sales & revenue.

Samsung Smart TVs portfolio

With Yodeck for Tizen, your existing Samsung Smart TVs can be turned into digital signs without the need to invest in external media players. Deliver a seamless and easy-to-implement solution with no additional hardware costs.

Effortless management, global accessibility

Managing your digital signage network and content from anywhere becomes a breeze with Yodeck’s intuitive and cloud-based platform. 

Flexible partner opportunities for growth

Our range of partner options allows you to pursue your unique business goals, while our dedication to customer success ensures that you thrive in the digital signage market. 


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