Yodeck Partner Manual

This page is part of the Yodeck Partner Manual, created for Resellers and Whitelabel Partners reselling Yodeck. If you are a User looking for information on how to use and configure Yodeck, check out the Yodeck User Manual. This is the manual for Yodeck Partners. It describes all features and configurations available to Yodeck Partners. […]

2.3 Accounts

It can also be found here: By clicking on Accounts, you will be prompted to a new page with more details about the accounts hosted under your site (click to view). A short description of the column names shown in this view can be found below: Example for the last entry:The last account entry can […]

2.4 Devices

By clicking on Devices, you will be prompted to a new page with more details about the devices hosted under your site (click to view). How to download your Software image from your Site First of all, go to your Devices section (Portal→Devices), and then you can download the software image by clicking the Download […]

2.1 Audit Logs

Audit Logs The Audit Logs application contains all actions performed by all staff users through the administrative console. All users can view their own audit logs, and provided that they have the permission to do so, they can view the Audit Logs of other users as well. In Recent Actions, you can see a quick […]

3. Invoices

All the completed charges will appear here with the following information listed: Invoice Number Date/Time: When the charge was made Amount of Charge The option to either view online the relevant invoice or save it as a CVS or PDF file. The option to view more details about a paid invoice or pay a pending […]

2. Applications

In the Applications section you can manage your Accounts, Devices and Users. 2.1 Audit Logs 2.2 Site Settings 2.3 Accounts 2.4 Devices 2.5 My Users

4. Recent Actions – 5. Support Links – 6. Contact Us

In Recent Actions you can see a quick report (listing the last 5 actions) from the Audit log entries. In the Support section you will find all the available online Documentations about our platform. If you need any help/tips or in case something goes wrong, do not hesitate to Contact Us .