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No matter what your business produces, manufacturing digital signage can help streamline your operation, motivate your team, and improve adherence to health and safety. When used well, the benefits of digital signage go beyond communicating key messages. It can improve productivity, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

For these reasons and more, manufacturing digital signage has become a must-have for manufacturing businesses all over the world. In fact, as many as 90% of manufacturers rely on digital signage to reinforce training and improve productivity.

In this article, discover why it pays to get on board with digital signage technology and how Yodeck digital signage can unlock benefits for your business.

What Can Manufacturing Digital Signage Do For You?

Imagine you’re a temporary worker, taken on to help manage a seasonal spike in operations. Your ten-minute morning meeting on the floor covers only necessary information—which machines are working or crucial details about the project you’re working on.

Digital signage on the production floor can fill in the blanks. From health and safety protocols to team targets, effective digital displays can create an inclusive environment that has everyone on the same page.

But it’s not just temporary workers that benefit. Long-term staff needs reminders about changes to processes and information on how production lines are tracking. Digital production display boards keep people on the same page and working toward shared goals.

Here are six ways to use digital signs in your manufacturing facility that will improve results across your business.

1. Provide productivity updates and keep teams on target

Digital signage makes teams more efficient by providing real-time information about production schedules, job orders, and inventory levels on a single display. From the office to the factory floor, messages can be displayed automatically for everyone and updated as changes happen.

Why does this matter? Because sharing data with your employees improves engagement, leading to increased productivity and improved motivation. Meanwhile, keeping employees informed makes them feel valued and enables them to be proactive players in your business, causing a massive 41% drop in health and safety incidents and absenteeism.

When communication between departments is streamlined, it’s easier for everyone to stay on the same page. By displaying key data through manufacturing information displays at a glance, digital signage makes it easier for workers to stay informed about what’s happening and respond quickly to changes.

2. Improve staff communication

Digital signage also makes it easier for managers to communicate other messages with staff onsite. 

90% of the information our brains receive is visual. Digital signage capitalizes on this human trait by ensuring important messages or updates are shared across screens in eye-catching ways that get noticed and remembered. With Yodeck, managers can quickly and easily disseminate information without having to go through the hassle of printing out flyers or hanging up posters around the facility. What’s more, digital signage can be used to set up manufacturing KPI dashboards to keep employees up-to-date on changes within the workplace.

3. Speed up emergency messaging

When things go wrong, the exact situation needs to be communicated quickly to keep people safe. Emergency announcements, protocols, and procedures for putting things right can be displayed on digital screens in relevant areas within seconds.

However, prevention is always better than reaction. Keeping people safe at work, alert to hazards, and working with the right procedures as they go about their tasks is another way manufacturing digital signage earns its keep.

4. Boost health and safety adherence

It takes a while for new processes to be remembered properly and less-used procedures are easily forgotten. Digital screens complement your obligatory static health and safety signage, by displaying reminders about safety protocols and procedures in hard-to-ignore ways. In fact, it’s been shown that digital screen communications reduce workplace injuries by as much as 20%.

If a new safety protocol needs to be followed or a new machine is being introduced, digital signage can provide visual cues that are easy to follow. It means workers will know exactly what they need to do when they come across unfamiliar equipment or situations. This way, confusion is eliminated and productivity improves while employees are kept safe.

5. Build team engagement and motivation

Some people stand out for doing a great job. Highlighting employee success stories, team milestones, and production targets gives the right people the recognition they deserve while motivating others. 

A study by Gallup found that recognizing employees’ achievements was one of the best low-cost, high-impact actions for motivating teams. A simple “You did a great job” goes a long way. 

The same study showed that it goes a lot further when the recognition is public. Digital screens can be used to make public recognition and appreciation of a job well-done part of your company’s culture.

6. Strengthen company culture

Promote best practices to people within your manufacturing facility. Sharing great ideas and smarter ways of working is simple with digital signage. By customizing messages based on what’s happening in your business, you can ensure you’re always sending out the right message at the right time to the right people.

Time and again, studies show that keeping your workforce informed motivates them to work harder and smarter—and stay with you for longer. One study found a third of employees said the ability to collaborate at work made them more loyal

Sharing ideas is a huge part of that. Let high-performing teams share their tricks and tactics with the rest of your staff to improve performance along with company culture.

How Yodeck Helps Manufacturers Build Exceptional Digital Signage

Digital signage reduces operating costs by eliminating paper signs and manual processes for communicating on a large scale throughout your facility. Instead, all messages can be sent out electronically—saving you both time and money. 

Digital displays are often programmable from a central location. That means changes to all signs can be made within minutes and updates are far less labor-intensive. 

Here are five ways that Yodeck’s digital signage allows you to make the most of your communication.

1. Simple to use digital screens

Yodeck’s templates are unbeatably easy. You’ll be creating visually engaging content for digital screens in a matter of minutes. Drag and drop functions place written information comfortably alongside images, to help you get your point across easily and quickly.

Remember, images make your messages memorable. 65% of visual content is easily recalled three days after viewing, compared to just 10% of your message with words alone.

Meanwhile, apps for sharing real-time information alongside your curated messages ensure variety and an engaging feed. From live scheduling to birthday notifications and counters that let teams see their approaching targets clearly, there’s an app for almost everything. We’re adding to the app library regularly so your digital display feeds are always fresh and relevant.

2. Affordable options for manufacturers

No matter how many screens you need to communicate with your team, Yodeck has a subscription plan to suit. We make your digital signage affordable so you can realize the benefits throughout your facility and scale as needed.

Our digital screen subscriptions for manufacturers start with a free, single-screen plan. If a high-level enterprise plan is more suited to your needs, you’ll get multiple screens along with additional functionality for them too. 

This way, you can display different messages in different areas of your operation. Of course, you’ll still get the enhanced security of a centralized system.

3. Centralized and remote screen management

Centralized and remote management of digital screens means you can make changes from wherever you are when you need to communicate with employees. 

Images, messages, and other content can be uploaded from a smartphone or laptop—you decide what works best for you. With the right access details, your messaging is updated from anywhere in a few clicks.

By preloading your messages and scheduling them to appear at the right time, you’ll save time. Get ahead of the game by creating a playlist of educational and protocol content. 

Prepare for success by putting together content that highlights recent achievements and includes apps that celebrate birthdays and team milestones. Your messaging will never get stale or blend into the background.

4. Plug-and-play technology

Implementing a new platform to manage signage takes time and creates headaches for your business. Plug-and-play technology for digital signage avoids all of that. It’s simply a matter of installing the screens where you need them, setting up your account, and plugging in your Yodeck Player.

We’ll make sure everything connects through your wifi—your screens, your control center dashboard and, of course, access to your Yodeck templates, playlists, and bespoke messaging. 

All you need to do is create the messaging your employees need to work smarter. Our drag-and-drop templates make your messaging stand out and are remembered for all the right reasons.

5. High-level security and tech support

Cyber threats are a real risk for businesses of all kinds. High-level security for digital signage is a must if you want to protect your data. Firewalls, password policies, and message encryption are just some of the measures taken to protect your digital signage messaging. 

Meanwhile, getting used to new systems can take time and there are situations when you just can’t figure out how to make a message work. Yodeck’s remote-access tech support means you’ll have us on hand, just a message away, to troubleshoot and help work things out with you.

Get Started with Digital Manufacturing Signage with Yodeck

Digital signage is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for many manufacturing businesses around the world. It’s proven to improve efficiency in communication between departments and boost employee engagement, productivity, and safety. Investing in digital signage will keep your business ahead of the curve.

Yodeck makes digital signage even easier for manufacturers with simple-to-use templates, easy-to-install apps, and a remote access dashboard with high-level security that keeps your communications safe as houses. Keeping your staff engaged, on target and aware of all the important aspects of their role has never been easier.