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Production display boards for manufacturing help everyone, from machine operators to managers, optimizing processes in real time.

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production display boards
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Benefits of production display boards

Monitor production

Display manufacturing process metrics on digital display boards to get an instant overview of all production stages, as well as OEE. Control efficiency, including performance, run speeds and schedules, at a glance. Save time and money.

Predict delays

Rely on hour by hour production boards to locate bottlenecks or other plant operation issues. Most importantly, digital factory control boards empower your workforce to control and improve performance, and issue early alerts for problems.

Prevent problems

Information display boards throughout plant operations also offer actionable data for identifying problems the instant they arise. Also, real time production displays alert your workforce to early indications of malfunctions or supply issues.

Implement solutions

Use digital display boards to quickly and effectively solve production problems, based on real-time data. Depend on manufacturing digital signage to optimize plant operations, machine operator performance and factory processes and schedules.


Add value to your screens

Free apps: Easy to add, totally secure & flexible. Include helpful apps in digital display boards to keep your workforce up-to-date. Use dashboards (such as PowerBI, Grafana, and Tableau), time or news feeds, & custom corporate news tickers.

production display boards


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