Drive productivity,

boost alignment

Use a manufacturing KPIs dashboard to ensure that your factory production processes are running smoothly and efficiently.

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Benefits of using a manufacturing KPI dashboard

Make decisions

Manufacturing KPI dashboards help you make better decisions. Display your production performance to evaluate opportunities.

Increase efficiency

Provide insights by displaying manufacturing performance metrics. Highlight key data and track goals.

Save money

A production KPI dashboard can help manufacturers monitor their production costs and see how they can reduce expenses.

Help alignment

Streamline communication between departments with manufacturing digital signage.

Improve quality

Display KPIs in manufacturing to provide detailed insights. Identify and address problems easily and quickly.

Enhance visibility

Utilize a digital manufacturing metrics dashboard to provide visibility into the performance of all processes.


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Yodeck offers plenty of dynamic and easy-to-use apps to help you display manufacturing KPI metrics. Use PowerBI, Grafana, and Tableau to showcase KPIs in the manufacturing industry. They are free and you need seconds to set them up.


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