Get vital info to your workforce in seconds

Manufacturing information displays get metrics, updates and emergency alerts to your workforce with one click. Boost efficiency & safety, with the right info at the right time.

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manufacturing information displays
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Extra benefits of manufacturing information displays

Improve OEE

Don’t wait for next-day OEE reports. Digital display boards show you what’s working and what’s not, instantly. So you can immediately boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness and optimize efficiency in production operations. Save time and money.

Meet KPIs

Align your workforce and optimize performance with information displays. Use data dashboards, such as Power BI, Grafana and Tableau, to show clear metrics that are instantly actionable. Meet and exceed targets with manufacturing digital signage.

Update employees

Keep your workforce informed of training opportunities and safety guidelines with a quick & easy playlist. Engage employees and strengthen corporate culture by celebrating birthdays, new hires and milestones. Boost team retention rates.

Keep people safe

Use your information board to display emergency alerts. Tailor your message for each screen to display accurate information about evacuation or other safety instructions. Also, it’s all done remotely and in real time. Maintain a perfect security record.


Free apps engage your workforce

Easy to add, secure and dynamic. Use your digital display board for useful and engaging content that informs and delights your workforce. Quickly include weather, traffic and news feeds, data dashboards, custom tickers and birthday messages.

manufacturing information displays


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