wayfinding digital signage for transportation

People come to train stations to go somewhere else. That means their experience of these places is fleeting—or, all being well, it should be fleeting. But what they see (and what they feel) while they’re at the train station affects their experience of the whole journey. 

It’s the train station manager’s job to make sure every passenger’s experience of your station is convenient, pleasant, and safe. And there’s one thing that can help you achieve that more than anything else. That’s your signage. While passengers may take signs for granted, your train station signage can be the difference between a positive experience and a frustrating one. That’s because, when done right, it will provide all the information they need—and also help them discover things they didn’t know they wanted.

In this article, you’ll discover why it’s time for your train station to invest in transportation digital signage. We’ll share some key use cases, the benefits, and how you can put it to use with Yodeck. 

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Current Train Station Signage

There’s no doubt your train station will already be using signs to help your passengers and customers. But we’re betting your signage isn’t performing as well as it could. 

You’re likely to be still using:

  • Split-flap scheduling signs. They might be iconic, but these classic timetable boards limit the types of information stations that can show at any given time. Sometimes there are other things you need to say.
  • Static ads and billboards. Studies show that physical billboards—as opposed to video adverts—aren’t as engaging, memorable, or persuasive. With digital signage, you can make your station ad displays work harder. 
  • Safety, security, and hygiene. You’ll have certain health and safety obligations to meet with your station signs. For example, in the UK, you’ll need lineside signs alongside platform safety and fire risk signs. 

These are crucial not just because of the law. Station security—onboard and at stations—is a priority for passenger experience too, according to recent research.

  • Physical wayfinding. Passengers need to get around your station and signage is no doubt helping. However, digital wayfinding signage can often be clearer and more frequently updated. In large stations too, passengers still can’t always find what they need.
  • Connections with other transportation. Train stations don’t exist in a vacuum. Passengers might want to make a bus connection or check their flight is on time. Typically, this information isn’t adequately displayed.

It’s time for an upgrade. Conventional physical train station signs aren’t delivering the clarity and convenience that passengers want, while they’re limiting the ways that you can communicate with those passengers. But an alternative is here. Yodeck’s digital train station signage offers you new ways to delight, inform, and satisfy your customers while securing new revenue streams for your station too. 

What’s the Future of Train Station Signage?

The future of train station signage is digital. Alongside the basic functions fulfilled by physical signage, digital signage offers so much more. 

Here are three ways you can put it to use—but the possibilities are endless:

Keep passengers entertained and informed in stations and onboard

Passengers want to have clear information about their transport connections. That’s a given. But with digital signage, you can provide more info than dated signs allow. 

With a digital train station display, you can better explain the reasons behind delays. You can provide tailored journey information. And, what’s more, by using social media, weather, or news feed apps on your screens, you can keep passengers informed of the world around them too.

But why stop there? In your train station waiting room, you can use digital displays to show videos, and ads, or to stream the news. It reduces perceived wait times and eases passenger frustration. 

Of course, there’s no stopping trains themselves to be equipped with screens too, so passengers can still be entertained while on the move. 

Build brand awareness and drive sales with digital ads

There’s plenty of compelling evidence out there that video ads are much more engaging and memorable than those that use static images alone. Display digital ads on screens across your station and you’ll win new sales for your concessions.

Your adverts don’t need to be limited to businesses in the station, though. By showcasing branded content from local businesses, you can secure an extra revenue stream while delivering value to your passengers.

As you’ll know, many people that pass through train stations are tourists or visitors to an area—or, at least, they could be next time. Use your digital signs to showcase attractions that might appeal to them. What’s good for the attractions is good for your passenger numbers too. 

Promote engagement through social media

Passengers don’t always want to be spoken to. Sometimes, they want to be able to share their thoughts with you too. 

Social media is an obvious way for them to do this. As a train station, use your digital displays to share what people are saying about you on social media and to encourage further engagement. 

For example, you could highlight tweets from people satisfied with your customer service, or repost images from local attractions on a social media wall. It’s a great way to build a bigger audience and show that you care. 

By the way, don’t be afraid of negative feedback. Responding to negative comments helps you win over dissatisfied customers—and secure new ones too. 

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3 Best Practices to Improve Transportation Digital Signage

You’ve seen how your passengers’ experience can be improved with digital signs in train stations. But that’s only if you do it right. 

These three tips can help you ensure your transport signage is having the effect it should

Use apps to keep train station signage up to date.

Your priority is to keep the information on your screens relevant to your customers and up to date. But if you’re using digital displays to live information on weather, the news, or transport connections, you can’t possibly update it manually.
That’s what apps are for. In Yodeck’s library of apps, discover tools that can automatically deliver all the information you need, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

Reassure passengers with current safety information.

One of the most important functions of your signs will always be to deliver security and safety info. But this doesn’t have to be limited to cold physical signs.
Instead, make your safety information memorable and human, while ensuring it reflects up-to-the-minute conditions. For example, use your screens to share the most relevant hygiene information.

Prepare your adverts in a single playlist to reduce hassle.

Between your own station’s adverts and those from third parties, there’ll likely be a lot of media you need to show on your digital displays.
To make sure you’re forgetting nothing, use Yodeck. You can line up in a single playlist all the media your screens need to display each day. All you need to do is drag and drop it into position.

Digital Transport Signage is Better with Yodeck

At Yodeck, we make transport signage unbeatably easy. Whether you’re starting out with digital signage or looking for a new provider, you’ll find that attractive and engaging transport signage is effortless with Yodeck. 

  • Get started with just one screen. At Yodeck, the first screen is always free—so you can get familiar with all its possibilities. Then we can handle as many as you like.
  • Build delightful visuals instantly with our template library. Add apps and templates to your displays with just a click—or customize your visuals completely.
  • Manage all your screens centrally. Drag and drop media, update any information, and click to save. It’s really that easy to update every single screen in your station.

Use your train station signage to satisfy passengers and win new revenue.