Digital signage in the entertainment industry

Entertainment industry mavens live and die by one rule. Make people feel, give them all the emotions, give them an experience, keep the fun going no matter what. Digital signage for the entertainment industry makes that a reality no matter how big or small your entertainment business is.

Digital signage for the entertainment industry was born for the part

If you’re looking for proof that digital signage for the entertainment industry is a perfect fit, just go to Times Square. Screens light up the cityscape, transform buildings, bring the show to all who can’t help but look up in awe. And it works. That’s why the big guys pay the big bucks to get their brand up there with the greats.

digital signage for the entertainment industry

After all, digital signage takes one message and shouts it out to the masses. The entertainment industry takes everything that’s fun, gives people the feels along with it and lays it all out at the world’s feet. Both are accessible. Both depend on the visual. Nothing’s better than using digital signage with its focus on videos and images, playlists and layouts to tell your target customer a story of what they could experience if they just walk into your establishment. When it comes to the entertainment industry, digital signage is a natural-born star. Because you can give potential customers a taste of the powerful experience you’ll give them, right from the get-go.

I can see a bunch of you shaking your heads. Saying if you had that kind of billion-dollar budget, you’d have jumped on the bandwagon ages ago.

That’s because you’re thinking big and complicated. Kinda like the interactive digital signage ad Warner Bros launched, to promote The Meg. But you’re wrong. Because, the entertainment industry? It’s mostly made up of small businesses. Local movie theaters, bowling alleys, comedy clubs. Amusement parks, fairs, festivals, carnivals. Run a laser tag or paintball arena? You’re part of that world too. Because you’re giving people an emotional, fun, engaging experience. And yes, the little guys can use the “big guns” digital signage for the entertainment industry offers, just as easily.

Here’s how, and it’s simple to do:

Enhance the emotional experience with digital signage for the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is all about giving people an emotional experience. It’s about engaging people’s feelings and minds and imaginations and bodies and immersing them in something new. Something powerful, something fun; Something that entertains the senses and the emotions.

Digital signage for the entertainment industry helps you extend that emotional experience beyond the actual event. And to do that you have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What would you like to see, to experience, while you’re waiting in line, getting tickets or equipment, walking around the venue or just deciding if you even want to take part in the fun?

Use digital signage for events, to give people a taste of the emotions and experience you’re about to offer them. Extend that experience to after the show, event or game is over. How? Create playlists and layouts with videos and images. Give them sneak previews of new movies, upcoming comedy acts or new terrains for paintball and laser tag. Show them highlights from past shows, acts, festivals or tournaments. Why not include videos of people’s reactions? Bowling teams winning the local championships, laser tag teams ripping through the course, people laughing or crying while watching the performance. It worked for wide-release shows. It was cheap and easy to do. And it punched people in the feels. Just by watching other people having an emotional experience to a show.

digital signage in entertainment venues

And yes, you’ve got to push your brand with digital signage for the entertainment industry. But remember one thing. When you create content, make it all about the people, all about your customers. Give them quality content. Content that entertains them, content that’s fun and emotionally engaging. And they’ll remember you for extending those fun feelings in and out of the main event.

Use your screens to give your customers useful information

This is a great way of slipping in your branding. Do it while you display information they find useful. That’s when you won’t jar them out of the quality content you created to engage their emotions. And they won’t hate you for getting all corporate. Signage for cinema or other activities comes in super handy for this kind of subtle promotion.

Are you running a great discount on mid-week cinema tickets or paintball gear rentals? Let them know – and stress your business logo in the background. Soon they’ll turn to you for steals and deals. Need to go over basic safety guidelines before people go wild playing laser tag? Show off your logo, company colors and fonts in the text. You’re being a responsible business owner. And people will associate you with that sense of safety when they read over the rules. Digital signage for the entertainment industry steps up when it comes to safety and customer loyalty. And it’ll help you boost your profits in the process.

Get extra revenue, with digital signage for the entertainment industry

Make your digital signage for cinema, for example, work overtime by creating a digital signage advertising network. It can get you a tidy little sum in the process while advertising services and products your customers might like. You know what your customers want, what they might be interested in. Tell your classic cinema buffs about a local festival going on. Maybe there’s a comedy festival a few towns over they’d like, too. Run a bowling alley? Your die-hard bowlers would jump at the chance at nabbing new equipment from the local sports equipment store. Organizers would love to advertise on your screens during your regular stand-up comedy nights or sing-offs if you run a karaoke bar.

And don’t worry about all the logistics. Great digital signage services like Yodeck offer playback report features that let you provide proof of play to people paying you to run their ad campaigns. Which means you don’t have to sift through tons of data in order to get paid.

Take your business to the next level with digital signage

You’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into your business. Customer satisfaction – and customer entertainment – means everything to you. Start using digital signage for the entertainment industry and you’ll extend their emotional experience beyond the main event. Plus you’ll build your brand loyalty while bringing in some extra money. Because the show must go on – and your digital signage screens will help.