Display any social media and hashtag wall on TV

In a world where novelty is appreciated more than anything, social media walls have held a special place. A social media wall is the way to go if you want to increase engagement while representing your brand at an event or get customers talking. 

Combining social walls with digital signage can spike brand awareness, engagement, emotional response, and brand consideration metrics at a rate of knots.

Since you are here reading this blog, you must be looking to reap all the benefits mentioned above. Bet you will be taking a lot of information home through this guide as we will discuss social wall digital signage, brilliant ideas around it, and its benefits.

But first, let’s understand the social wall.

What is Social Media Wall Digital Signage?

Using digital signage software to create social media walls allows users to display real-time social media content on big display screens. As a result, you can greatly improve your brand’s marketing efforts.

An organization can utilize digital signage to display social posts from a specific hashtag, mentions, tags, etc., or reviews and testimonials from review platforms. As a result, it’s a great way to display live social media campaigns or user-generated content on Digital Signage.

With brands constantly looking for new methods to engage their consumers or visitors, social wall digital signage has become increasingly popular.

Benefits of Social Media Wall Digital Signage

Let’s shed light on a list of significant Social Wall Digital Signage benefits:

Boosts Your Visitor Engagement

Who does not want visitors to be hooked by their brand? Social wall digital signage provides vibrant, colorful displays with dynamic, eye-catching user-generated content to engage prospects, visitors, or passersby. For example, sharing customers’ social media stories around your brand would give visitors a look into what the brand is about. 

Then, when the visitors see you representing your customer’s efforts on the social wall, they will want to join the fun. In this way, your brand will come into the spotlight, and visitors will increase.

Enhances Your Social Media Presence

Social media can give your brand a significant boost when leveraged strategically. For example, social wall digital signage engages visitors by displaying social media feeds that involve customers’ experiences. As a result, your brand’s success catches visitors’ attention. This doubles the benefits as your brand reach gets enhanced and people are aware of your social activities.

Whether your company is in banking, corporate, education, healthcare, retail, or another industry, maintaining brand consistency across social platforms is critical for brand awareness and business growth. 

Effective Brand Promotions

When people visit your offline store and shop, they also observe. This opens a window of opportunity for you in terms of brand promotion. In addition, visitors would like to keep in touch by witnessing social walls talking about ongoing sales, future promotional events, etc. 

You can produce branded content and market it on multiple channels, but nothing can beat the impact that social media wall on digital signage generates.

Improves Internal Communication

Digital signage is easily visible, and its eye-catching visual appeal attracts employees. As a result, it’s the ideal tool for sharing information broadly. If you have shared something vital, you can keep your employees engaged through the social wall. 

Companies’ offices can create contests whose moments can be displayed on the social wall. This would motivate employees to join the contest as they would have an opportunity to appear on the company’s social wall. 

The digital signage connected to your social wall can also be used to announce employee-of-the-month awards, birthdays, rewards, and innovations.

Ideas for an engaging social media wall digital signage

Ideas to create a Social wall digital signage are present in large numbers; however, we want to save your time and present you with only the best.

An Eye-Catching UGC Wall

User-generated content such as client testimonials, reviews, social media posts, and tweets about your store can be used to increase brand value via digital signage. It’s a subtle method to increase audience trust, provide social proof, and boost your company’s legitimacy.

Since all types of social media content around a brand is getting in people’s attention, whether good or bad, a sense of trust is created between the customers and the brand. Therefore, customers would start following that brand since they get assured that they will receive authenticity.

Showcase Branded Content

If customer engagement tops your priority list, then showcasing the branded content through social wall digital signage is a step in the right direction. For example, your office’s digital signage screens can play your fascinating brand journey. 

By creating a social wall that involves your company’s history, how it is appreciated, case studies of your partners, and what your brand looks to achieve in the future, you are creating awareness around your brand.

Contests, Upcoming Events, And Programs

Contests are a fantastic way to get your audience’s attention. The more you publicize your contests, the more likely people will participate. In addition, newly introduced things sell rapidly through interactive digital displays boasting a social wall displaying social media interactions around the contest. 

Not just this, you can announce discounts, coupons, and events by integrating them into your social wall. Also, highlight contest winners on the social wall, which would create a sense of missing out on your other followers. These followers will wait in anticipation of your next contest, giving you a chance to promote your brand.

Display Relatable Content

People automatically connect to a brand if they find their content shareable with their friends and family. In addition, your brand’s social media posts can be combined with a touch of humor that would make your displayed content intriguing and entertaining. 

New followers would visit your social media handles upon seeing how innovative your brand is, which would serve your purpose of enhanced brand awareness.

Wrapping Up

This blog would have surprised you if you were not aware of Social Wall Digital Signage’s potential. However, now that you are aware of it, we suggest you implement Social wall digital signage on your brand premises at the earliest. 

You are missing out on several benefits that could take your business to another level. Taggbox display is an incredible social wall creator tool that comes with brilliant features assisting you in creating your ideal social wall.

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The article is written by the Taggbox Team.