Digital Signage for the Hospitality Industry

Making people feel at home, pampered and valued. It’s what the hospitality industry is all about and if you’re a hotelier it’s your #1 mission.

And now you’ve got a new tool in your arsenal. Hospitality digital signage is a great way of giving your guests an absolutely stellar experience.

Why use digital signage for the hospitality industry?

Huge luxury hotels, fancy cruise ships, quaint inns, charming bed & breakfasts and quirky motels. They’ve all got one thing in common, one goal, no matter their size. When a guest checks out, he’s got to do it with a bittersweet smile on his face. Because leaving your hotel is a lot like setting his alarm clock on a Sunday night. He just hates doing it. And he’s already planning a future stay at your hotel. Even if it means playing hooky from work. Because being your guest? It’s one-of-a-kind wonderful.

No joke, that kind of guest experience is hard to do. But that’s where digital signage for the hospitality industry steps in, reporting for duty. Because digital signage is all about providing an engaging, immersive, enhanced customer experience. Which goes hand in hand with offering guests the best food, rooms, entertainment and sightseeing experiences they could ever imagine.

What’s even better? Digital signage for the hospitality industry knows what’s top priority for hotels, inns and cruise ships. And it delivers. Don’t want to destroy your décor? Digital signage screens come in all shapes and sizes. And they’re customizable when it comes to installation, so they can be as sleek and subtle as you need. Your staff doesn’t have time to spend a whole day training on how to use the digital signage software? They don’t need to. Digital signage solutions like Yodeck are as easy to use as swiping through your smartphone. Log in and you’re golden, no tech-savvy required. You run a family-owned inn and can’t afford IT support? No problem. Yodeck is plug & play ready, and tech support is free. No excuses. All the benefits.

Hospitality Digital signage enables up- & cross-selling services

Okay, so your place is hopping. Room bookings look good. Your in-house restaurant reservations keep rising. Even your new spa’s getting good reviews. So why bother with digital signage for the hospitality industry?

Because you can do so much better. Maybe some of your guests are there on business. Others by choice. But why not give both a stay to remember? And digital signage helps you do just that.

Place screens in lobbies, restaurants, elevators. If you run a small inn or B&B, slap those screens up in the breakfast nook or lounge area. And tell them all about your cool new bar, swanky spa or rustic horseback rides you just started offering. Let them know your staff leads local tours, boat rides, or easy hikes. Do you have special events planned for the wedding, leaf-peeping or holiday seasons? Give your guests a preview with our free digital signage templates for hotels . Perhaps your brand new chef’s mouth-watering menus are perfect for conventions and club meetings. Post some pics from past events, and people will turn to you next time they’ve got something special to plan.

Your guests gotta see what your hotel offers. They have to visualize it. And once they come to the front desk asking for all the deets, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to wow them. Give them the kind of guest experience that their wanderlust dreams are made of – and they’ll become regulars. With the help of digital signage for the hospitality industry.

Use your digital signage to shine a spotlight on your town

Big-city action or sleepy seaside town, swanky uptown hotel or rustic inn, it’s all the same. You’re part of a community. And your community has a lot to offer. Maybe there are world-famous museums down the street, or art gallery gems that are still a state secret. Antiques-hunting might be a local sport or perhaps there’s a rockin’ music scene. It’s all important. And it’s all a huge part of giving your guests an experience they’ll never forget.

So put your digital signage to good use. Showcase local art fairs, concerts, tours, or jewelry makers. Let your guests know there’s a beautiful atelier within walking distance that offers one-of-a-kind fashion. Sure, your hotel is your focus. But people want to experience a place, taste the area’s culinary delights, feel like a local. And if you help them do that, make them feel like they really got to know a place and didn’t have a cookie-cutter tourist experience, they’ll be forever grateful.

And the best way of doing that is using digital signage for the hospitality industry. Show them what’s out there by using your TVs for digital signage. Save them the hassle of having to scour their cell phones. Your digital signage could be an excellent tour guide.

And digital signage for the hospitality industry could get you some extra revenue to boot. Let local businesses run their ads on your screens. Build partnerships. Does a local shop offer hand-made beauty products? Let them advertise their new line on your screens – and maybe offer your guests a discount. It’s one of those perks that gives your guests something to gush about on social media. And it gets you word of mouth praise. Thanks to digital signage for the hospitality industry.

Digital signage for the hospitality industry makes things personal

Your hotel or inn hosts awesome conventions, social events and club meetings. And it’s all about that personal touch. You excel at making people feel catered to and valued. Guess what? Digital signage for the hospitality industry takes that up a few levels.

Once you know who you’re hosting and brainstormed with the organizers, get crackin’ with some customized digital signage content. You can use your screens to personalize welcome messages. Update news tickers with helpful information attendees might need. Post candid photos from meet & greets with some profile info to help people get to know each other. The sky’s the limit! So use your digital signage for the hospitality industry to make faceless conventions and boring meetings a whole lot more personal and friendly.

Make sure digital signage for the hospitality industry is useful to guests

The best thing about digital signage is that it’s up-to-the-minute relevant. You can update content on your screens remotely while you’re on the go. So your staff can simply use their smartphones or tablets. No need to stay chained to a laptop when they need to be on the go.

What this means is that you can provide useful information and display all the latest updates. For example, see how TUI used Yodeck for hotel lobby digital signage across the globe. Your guests need to know if there are flight delays or a storm coming in. Perhaps there’s a parade downtown that delays traffic. Digital signage for the hospitality industry gives people the info they need right now. And they’ll thank you for it. Because when people are on vacation, the last thing they want to be doing is checking the local news.

Digital signage for the hospitality industry gives your hotel a big boost

The hotel industry will grow over 5% just this year, with more and more people choosing to invest in a travel experience. Don’t miss out. It’s time to use all the weapons in your arsenal to gain loyal return visitors. Digital signage for the hospitality industry helps make that happen for you.

Create content that showcases all your hotel offers. Partner with local businesses and you can host their ads and get extra revenue. Use your screens as a tour guide to highlight all the little-known gems your town or city offers. Digital signage for the hospitality industry creates an immersive and engaging experience your guests will treasure and want to relive.