Wayfinding software

Navigating around places like office buildings, hospitals, airports, and shopping centers can sometimes be tricky. That’s where using wayfinding software comes in handy. Its main purpose is to help individuals navigate environments effectively to reach their destinations. In this piece, we’ll explore the importance of good wayfinding software, how it differs from navigation tools, and key features to consider when choosing one. Additionally, we touch upon aspects such as scalability, integration capabilities, compatibility, pricing, quality of customer support, and more.

Learn how to help visitors, staff, and customers navigate any space with a digital signage solution

What is wayfinding software?

Wayfinding software is a digital tool that helps individuals navigate complex environments. You may say it’s like a digital map that shows you where to go in places like hospitals, airports, shopping malls, universities, and big company buildings. This innovative software offers real-time directions like a friend guiding you step by step. Additionally, it lets you interact with maps by zooming in and out or searching for locations effortlessly. Therefore, whenever you find yourself feeling lost in a huge building or complex area, wayfinding software can be your trusty guide!

What to consider when choosing a wayfinding software

When selecting the best wayfinding software, several factors should be taken into account to ensure it meets your needs and those of your users. Below are the key considerations:

Easy setup

Make sure to choose a wayfinding software solution that will not require any technical expertise on your part to setup and manage. Even if you already have some technical experience, a simpler choice that will not need you to care a lot about maintaining a dedicated server or constantly being aware of software updates and customizations saves you time and leaves you to care about more important things. Given that, you should opt for a cloud-based digital signage software where the provider takes care of the technical ownership and responsibilities. Additionally, choose a content management system (CMS) that is fully compatible with any digital signage player or extra screen you already have.

Content creation

Regarding content, you need to consider choosing software with a user-friendly interface that supports all kinds of media formats. Creating content may seem an easy task, but in truth, it requires a lot of time. Yodeck, for instance, can save you time as it offers a vast library of ready-made templates that are completely free and fully customizable. This way, you can make sure your displays are attractive, save time, and customize them to match your brand identity fully. 


Interactivity is a feature that you’ll need to bear in mind when it’s time to choose your wayfinding software. It can offer more engagement with the users by allowing them to interact with maps by zooming in and out, clicking on points of interest for more information, and selecting preferred routes. With interactivity, you will ensure that all individuals can easily find the information they need, making the navigation process more intuitive and efficient.


The wayfinding software must be able to grow as your facility grows. If you add new flows, buildings, or even completely new locations, the software should easily adapt without needing to be replaced. This means it should be designed to handle expansions smoothly. Additionally, flexibility is also crucial. The software should be useful in many different situations, like helping visitors find their way or supporting employees, regardless of whether they’re new or facing new changes in a familiar place.

Integration capabilities

It’s important that the wayfinding software you choose offers free digital signage app integrations and supports interactive content and other essential business tools. Digital signage apps make content creation easy, and Yodeck integrates seamlessly with all the popular apps while offering outstanding interactive solutions that will make your wayfinding displays fully captivating.

Wayfinding software

Remote management

Remote management capabilities are the most important aspect of wayfinding software, enabling you to make real-time changes. Look for a cloud-based digital signage solution that will give you complete control over content, players, and screens at multiple locations from a central platform. The ability to update and easily change your digital content may be one of the most important aspects of directional signage.


Ensuring you have support and customer service is important when choosing a wayfinding software. Ensure the provider offers thorough support services covering everything from setup and training to ongoing assistance, like Yodeck’s Academy. Effective customer service involves efficient responses to resolve any issues swiftly, minimizing disruptions, and maintaining the software’s operation. Furthermore, it’s beneficial if the support team provides updates and maintenance to keep the software up to date while addressing any bugs or security vulnerabilities.


Ensuring the security and privacy of user data is extremely important, particularly in wayfinding that collects and processes personal information. Therefore, it’s crucial to verify that the digital signage software provider follows all industry standards for data protection and implements strong security measures to prevent unauthorized access or breaches. This becomes even more critical, especially for cloud-based wayfinding software, where everything is stored and accessed online.

Cost and pricing options

Last but not least, cost is a significant factor in choosing wayfinding software. Prices can vary widely based on features, scalability, and support options. Or if you have to choose between an on-premise and a cloud-based digital signage solution. You’ll have to purchase a quite expensive software license when going for an on-premise solution. On the other hand, cloud-based software is subscription-based with a monthly or annual fee. Consider your budget and the value the software provides. Remember that a cloud-based software solution will only charge you for the number of screens you use, and if you go with Yodeck, you’ll get the first screen for free, forever!

Wayfinding software

Choosing the best wayfinding software requires careful thought about several factors. These include features, scalability, integration capabilities, ease of use, customization options, compatibility, support, cost, security, and technical requirements. By thoroughly assessing these aspects, you can find a wayfinding solution that suits your needs and improves the experience for your users. The right wayfinding software can greatly enhance navigation within complex environments through interactive map software, mobile wayfinding apps, or cloud-based solutions. It makes it simpler for everyone to find their way around, ultimately improving efficiency and satisfaction.