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Yodeck real estate digital signage will offer you innovative solutions that will make property listings more appealing and create engagement.

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Meet the neighborhood through VR tour template in digital signage screen



Increase brand awareness and grow social media presence



Boost sales and attract more buyers



Enhance engagement using digital signage

Free real estate digital signage templates

Our collection of professionally designed templates is created to showcase properties effectively and engage potential buyers.


Free apps to attract more buyers

With Yodeck, everything becomes easy. Discover the huge range of apps that will help you display on your screens attention-grabbing contents in just a few clicks.

Why choose Yodeck

Run 1 screen, forever free, and access ALL our features

Real estate template on digital signage screen & app icons

Effortlessly drag-and-drop any media into our real estate digital signage platform and display it across properties instantly.

Access free stock images and engage viewers with easy playlists and customizable layouts.

Manage all screens remotely from your PC, enhancing customer engagement and purchase decisions.

Craft tailored property showcases that fully resonate with your audience using our versatile tools, ensuring your listings are not just viewed, but experienced.

Seamlessly blending captivating property visuals with real-time updates creates a unique atmosphere that speaks directly to individual preferences.

Explore a world of tailored real estate experiences with our affordable digital signage solutions. Our budget-friendly pricing plans cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your financial needs.

All our plans are packed with a range of features designed to enhance your property displays. Subscribing unlocks the platform’s full potential, enabling you to create immersive, personalized property showcases that leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Experience an effortless setup with our Yodeck Media Player, crafted to eliminate hassle. Pre-configured with your Wi-Fi credentials, it guarantees a swift and seamless connection.

Simply, plug it in and watch your captivating real estate content come to life on screen, effortlessly captivating potential buyers.

Have confidence in our powerful security measures, ensuring both our software and hardware are tamper-proof.

Count on our firewall, SSL, password policies, and Player Lockdown and Encryption features for solid protection, ensuring the safety and integrity of your real estate digital signage system.

Real estate template on digital signage screen & app icons
Real estate office with workers and a digital signage screen on the background


5 powerful real estate digital signage templates

Within this detailed guide, Yodeck will offer you 5 digital signage templates to capture attention, engage clients, and forge a path to unparalleled success. Additionally, you will discover why Digital Signage is so important for the Real Estate Industry and how you can stand out from the crowd!

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Attract more buyers and boost branding


Informative content establishes your expertise and builds trust with potential buyers.


Engaging displays keep visitors captivated while waiting and leave a lasting impression.


Educate clients about the real estate market trends, investment opportunities, and neighborhood highlights.


Display contact information, office hours, and agent profiles for efficient communication.


Entertain clients with visually appealing slideshows and videos of property interiors and exteriors.

Brand visibility

Strengthen your brand identity by displaying your logo, tagline, and branding elements.