Reach new audiences with DOOH advertising

Discover the power of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising and elevate your brand’s presence with high-impact dynamic screens in strategic locations. Learn how to make your message stand out to captivate audiences and drive tangible results.

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DOOH advertising

DOOH Advertising Use Cases

Retailers use in-store digital screens and window displays to promote products, showcase offers and enhance the shopping experience. DOOH screens are especially effective at storefront windows and as interactive kiosks at the point of sale 

DOOH screens are placed at airports, train stations, and bus terminals to display flight information, schedules and wayfinding directions for commuters. They also serve as engaging advertising platforms integrated into urban infrastructure

Schools, colleges and universities use DOOH displays to deliver educational content to students, make real-time announcements, promote events, fundraisers and other academic programs and communicate campus information

Digital out-of-home advertising is used in hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars and common areas to promote and upsell auxiliary services, hotel amenities, events and local attractions

Large digital billboards placed in stadiums and sports arenas are used to display live scores, instant replays, sponsor advertisements and wayfinding information. DOOH screens can also be used in movie theaters to promote upcoming films and as event digital signage displays

Real estate agencies use digital out-of-home advertising to showcase property listings with digital sale signs, agent information, virtual tours and other practical information in order to attract potential buyers.

Governments and nonprofit organizations use digital out-of-home advertising to disseminate important information, display safety announcements, promote health campaigns and broadcast emergency alerts instantly

How to set up your own DOOH advertising displays

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1. Login in at your Yodeck Account

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2. Create engaging content

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3. Deliver content to any screen, from any location