Interactive kiosk

We are glad to expand our solution with the new Interactive Kiosk App to easily set up Interactive Kiosks for your customers. Additionally, following our mission to make content management as easy and efficient as possible, we introduce more Flexible Scheduling options, the ability to upload media directly in Playlist, and many more enhancements.

Νew Partners Programs

Friendly reminder: the introduction of our new Partner Programs started on the 15th of September for new partners, while our existing partners should expect to be onboarded on the 1st of November. New simple tiering with up to 50% discounts, free Raspberry players with annual or multi-year subscriptions, and a Partner kit with sales & marketing material are some of the many exciting benefits of our new Programs. You can join our digital signage partner network as a Yodeck reseller or with a white-label solution. For more details about the new Programs and benefits, please take a look at our recent communications and the special Partner kit section in your Admin console (Y-console). For any inquiries, contact us here.

New Features

  • Interactive Kiosk App
    The classic Interactive Kiosk functionality. Display any content on a screen, and after the user’s interaction with the device, another content like a website or any media will appear. When the screen is inactive for some period, the device switches back to the initial playback content.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    New scheduling options to schedule your recurrent content based on your needs. You can now schedule content to be displayed every “X” days, weeks, or months or choose more semantic options like the “first Monday of the month”. It comes with a fresh new look and feel of the scheduling section.
  • Direct Media Upload to Playlists
    Updating a playlist with new content becomes more accessible than ever. You can go directly to the playlist you want to update and upload your content there. The uploaded media will also be added to your media library. Additionally, you can now “Edit” media directly within the playlist.


  • Yodeck for FireOS now supports Web Scripting! Customize your webpage or create a custom App using our Web Scripting Engine.
  • New options for the Outlook Calendar App as you can now select multiple calendars and display them in your preferred language.
  • Emojis are now supported in the LinkedIn & Facebook app posts. 🎉


  • In some cases, the Weather App wasn’t pre-loaded early enough. We enhanced massively our smart pre-loading, and now it should be displayed smoothly every time.
  • In the Daily/Weekly Calendar App, there were some cases in which the events didn’t follow the 12/24 hour format option in their description correctly. Now it’s fixed.