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a screen showing the message "Happy Teacher's Day"

Nowadays every day seems like another opportunity to celebrate something; from trivial national days like No Diet Day and National Banana day to significant observance and remembrance days like Mother’s day and AIDS World Day. Calendars are full of opportunities to celebrate, remember and appreciate something different each day.

But we feel that there is one national day that should be in the spotlight, as it constitutes a celebration for many unseen everyday heroes; our teachers. Teachers’ Appreciation Day is a day to thank teachers for the selfless and critical work they do in educating, supporting, and shaping students’ lives, and we have some tips on how to use your education digital signage to make the occasion a really special one.

Teacher Appreciation Day & Week

a little kid offering a gift to his female teacher in a classroom

Teacher Appreciation Day, or National Teacher Day, is celebrated every year on Tuesday of the first full week of May which also constitutes the Teacher Appreciation Week. And this day is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to be reminded that their work is appreciated and highly valued, as many people do not realize the amount of time, heart, and hard work that teachers put into their everyday lives. 

Parents everywhere entrust their children to teachers who are responsible for a great deal of time that they spend outside of the house daily. From the perspective of the student, everything is magically organized every time they step into the classroom. But teachers are the unsung heroes of every educational system, as they are on the frontline, making sure students are not left behind. From preparing classes to grading assignments and planning activities till late in the night, teachers are seldom busy only during school hours. 

Why is appreciating teachers important?

a teacher is embraced by her young students

A teacher’s work is not easy, it demands a caring disposition, patience and dedication. By expressing gratitude for their hard work, we show our appreciation and recognition for the vital role they play in students’ lives. Acknowledging the impact teachers have can encourage and motivate them to continue their essential work, despite often unfavorable circumstances. That’s why we believe it is important to show our appreciation in a way that celebrates their work and service, and strengthens their bonds with the students. 

How to put your screens to the task

a screen with a drawing of a student and a teacher

When your students and teachers arrive at school, most days feel like any other day. But your screens can set the tone for the day. As digital signage in schools has become more and more widespread in their facilities, it not only makes an excellent tool for information sharing but also for celebrating occasions such as Teacher’s Appreciation Week. That is why we have gathered a few ideas on how to best utilize digital signage screens for showing and expressing your gratitude towards teachers.

  • Let everyone know. Inform students and teachers about the celebratory week so that they have an opportunity to connect with each other through campus digital signage. Include a message that you are currently in Teacher’s Appreciation Week and remind students to give their thanks to their teachers.  
  • Let students express their gratitude. Ask students to write their own messages to their teachers. They can also be hand-drawn pictures from the younger students. Collect all these thank-you notes from students dedicated to their teachers and present them all with an easy-to-make media playlist all around the school grounds – for example, try library digital signage. This way you can turn the occasion into a celebration for everyone.
  • Let the teachers speak. You can create video playlists where teachers are featured front and center. Give them the space to record their own words about what the work means for them.

Grab this opportunity to celebrate Teachers’ Appreciation Week in a unique way and strengthen the bonds that make up your educational community with digital signage. Put your screens to work with the ideas above and leave an indelible impression for this special occasion.