Screenfeed content

Content reigns supreme when it comes to attracting and retaining people’s attention.

This is especially true for digital signage. You want your screen to immediately engage your customers, employees or students. Otherwise, if people simply walk by without giving your digital signage a passing glance, you might as well unplug your screens and save on your electric bill. However, creating effective content can prove challenging for even the most seasoned professionals. That’s why Yodeck decided to partner with Screenfeed, a content provider that specializes in digital signage. Because we want to make creating effective digital signage content as easy and enjoyable as possible for our customers. And Screenfeed content makes that a reality.

How does Screenfeed content work with Yodeck?

Firstly, we want to assure all of you that we thoroughly tested Screenfeed to make sure it works seamlessly. Also, we double-checked that the user experience meets our strict standards. And, in fact, we did find it very easy to use.

So, simply follow these steps to get Screenfeed content displaying on your screens:

  1. Purchase the Screenfeed content you would like.
  2. Create a link to your content feed (just follow the steps in the video above).
  3. Paste that link into the Yodeck portal, like you would a regular web page.

Why embark on a partnership with a content provider?

Some of you might be scratching your head and wondering why we decided to partner with an external content provider. After all, we offer our customers a huge range of free apps and templates. And they already make your content creation easy to do and impressive to see on screen.

But here, at Yodeck, we want to give you the best digital signage experience possible. Even if it means looking beyond our company. We aren’t content providers, and certainly not experts in the field. Of course we do our best, with free apps and stock image and video galleries. But it might not meet the standards required by users with demanding use cases. Or meet the needs of those who want to display a large variety of media-rich feeds. And we want you to have access to that kind of expert content.

However, we want any content provider we support to understand the intricacies of digital signage. Most importantly, that service must know what it means to create content for screens. Why? Because we want it to be a user-friendly and seamless experience for you, both technically and creatively. Only a service that focuses on content specifically for digital signage can offer that. Screenfeed content service met all our criteria, and works perfectly with both the Yodeck hardware and software.

Why did Yodeck decide to partner with Screenfeed content?

Although Screenfeed is a paid service, and we prefer to offer our customers as many free features as we can, we believe that Screenfeed goes that extra mile. Most importantly, they offer a huge array of impressive, useful, professional content at an affordable price.

Absolutely nothing about Yodeck changes for our users. Our free stock image and video galleries and free apps and templates remain the same — and perma-free. Using Screenfeed content is completely optional. However, the specialized content they provide can truly revolutionize what you can display on — and do with — your screens.

Specifically, Screenfeed’s features could prove extremely useful for many use cases. This service specializes in creating reliable and professional content feeds, such as news, sports, infotainment, airport flight boards for transportation digital signage and much more. The huge range of content feeds found on Screenfeed brings a whole new level of flexibility and creativity. Moreover – and most importantly in our opinion – with Screenfeed you automatically get licensing of the content for commercial use, just to be on the safe side.

The benefits of subscribing to Screenfeed content

You have access to a number of great, hard-to-find features with Screenfeed content. Therefore, we want to highlight some specialized content solutions Screenfeed offers that go beyond their attractive and versatile standard content feeds.

You get up-to-date, licensed, fresh content, guaranteed. Screenfeed does all the maintenance, licensing and management of the content feeds you display. That means you no longer need to update content yourself. Additionally, you don’t need to go through the hassle of getting proper licensing for your content.

You can purchase licensed financial data to create engaging bank digital signage. Banks, financial services and investment firms rely on stock market data. However, they could prefer to use their own custom apps. Screenfeed lets you buy only the data for the NASDAQ, NYSE and S&P 500, among others.
You can get news and sports feeds in a number of languages. Our users — and your viewers — span the globe. Displaying content in the local language could increase the effectiveness and engagement levels of digital signage.

You have the option of displaying weather videos. The popularity of our weather apps shows us how much your viewers value useful information. Screenfeed’s weather videos could prove equally valuable in certain situations, such as employee break rooms.
You also have a free COVID-19 feed. In a pandemic, employees, visitors and customers need accurate safety directives and news. Screenfeed content offers one for free.

What’s even better is that you can test out Screenfeed content before committing to a purchase. Of course, Screenfeed offers a 15-day free trial, while Yodeck is totally free for 1 screen! Yodeck wouldn’t have entered into this partnership if that weren’t the case. We want you all to be completely sure Screenfeed works great for your use case before buying a subscription.

The goal of the Yodeck & Screenfeed Partnership

Broadening what we offer our customers constitutes a key objective here, at Yodeck. Ultimately, we have a customer base that grows each day and has ever more specialized needs. We strive to meet those needs. And if it’s beyond the scope of our expertise, we seek to forge valuable collaborations with market innovators. That’s why Yodeck partnered with Screenfeed content. And we know many of our customers might be looking for such cutting-edge solutions. Because it’s everyone’s goal to make digital signage an effective part of your business strategy.