You want your business to succeed, right? Going belly-up is not an option. Not for you. Then you know how critical a role digital signage data dashboards play when it comes to strategic sales decisions. You need to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix it. And you also need your whole team working by your side, your own personal army, going after the same revenue targets. Data defines your battle plan. Digital signage acts as mission control. After all, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Get your data up on your digital signage screens and everyone’s on the same page, working towards the same goal. And with Yodeck’s new data dashboard apps, it’s easy and quick.

The many benefits of data dashboards on digital signage screens

Data dashboards keep getting more and more popular. More and more businesses, from startups to established brands, rely on data dashboards to craft a growth strategy. Why? Because you need the right sales data, that’s up-to-the-minute and updated, in an easy-to-analyze format, in order to make smart business decisions. Basically, it’s a no-brainer. You want more sales and revenue, happier customers, bigger growth? You undeniably need data dashboards in order to reach those lofty business milestones. All those business success stories that survive past their terrible twos? Pull back the curtain and you’ll find a decision-making team that’s data-driven. And you can bet your bottom dollar they use data dashboards and splash them across their digital signage screens.

Why? Because it just makes business sense. Their employees don’t have to scurry around cobbling together sales reports. Undoubtedly it’s a waste of your team’s time and talent when there are great data dashboards out there that automate the whole process. Also, it’s all updated in real time. It’s like having your sales activity under the microscope 24/7. So you know when something’s going haywire before there’s damage done. And by putting data dashboards on digital signage screens, everyone’s working with the same data. No more getting wires crossed when it comes to the latest sales data and business targets. Everyone’s working as one. And additionally, you get one of the greatest assets you can have: your entire team brainstorming in order to take sales to a new level.

Digital signage takes data dashboards to new heights

By the same token, consider the tangible benefits of showing data dashboards on your digital signage screens. Firstly, digital signage helps employees work smarter and communicate better while increasing motivation. In fact, digital signage enhances employee engagement and that then ups employee productivity by 20-25%. Just putting information up on digital signage screens makes 59% of people want to learn more. Also, it helps entire teams celebrate successes and face failures as a group. Equally important, with data dashboards always there on your digital signage screens, failures are just another way of learning something new. You just go back to the data drawing board and hash out a better strategy. Morale doesn’t take a hit because employees know data will offer a new solution.

Check out ChartMogul

ChartMogul helps subscription businesses form an optimal growth strategy. That means keeping track of key performance indicators and real-time subscription analytics like MRR, ARR and customer lifetime value. As a matter of fact, ChartMogul gives subscription businesses all the tools they need to make decisions and have an agile growth strategy. It’s easy to use and connects to billing services. What’s even better? It’ll look great on your digital signage screens with Yodeck’s new Chartmogul app.

Get ChartMogul on your screens with just a few clicks using Yodeck

Here at Yodeck, we know you need a no fuss no muss solution for getting your data dashboards on your digital signage screens. And that’s exactly what we designed for you. All you’ve got to do is go to the Apps tab after you sign in to your Yodeck. Click on the ChartMogul icon and give your app a name, type in your ChartMogul account credentials, choose your reporting period and graph and boom. ChartMogul’s up on your screens. And it looks great.

Yodeck makes data dashboards easy to use for digital signage

You know you need accurate data to build an excellent growth strategy. Data dashboards give you the kind of KPIs you need, in real time, so your sales and revenue soar. Put data dashboards like ChartMogul on your digital signage screens with an easy-to-use Yodeck app and your whole team works in tandem towards your targets.