Yodeck’s powerful solution
now available for Windows

Upgrade your Windows devices
with Yodeck

Now that Yodeck is compatible with Windows devices, you can leverage a wide range of hardware options, including PCs, tablets, and digital signage players, to power your displays. Make the most out of your Windows digital signage software.

The Yodeck platform offers the easiest digital signage setup you may find. You can effortlessly display various content types within minutes, including images, videos, documents, and more. And now that you can use any device with Windows, the process is even quicker. Digital signage for Windows is the best solution for those looking for a smooth setup process.

Yodeck offers a reliable and robust digital signage software for Windows, ensuring smooth playback and optimal performance for your devices used for displaying content.

Use Yodeck in Windows to access a wide range of apps for content creation, media management, and integration with third-party services.

Expand your business opportunities with our partner programs

Offer a complete professional signage experience through Yodeck’s White-label or reseller partner programs. Add extra value to your business, increase customers’ loyalty, and boost your revenue.

Flexible partner opportunities for growth

Yodeck offers a range of partner options that allow you to pursue your unique business goals. We aim to help you thrive in the digital signage market. 


Now that Yodeck is compatible with Windows we provide a flexible and versatile solution that caters to a broader range of your customer requirements.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

By offering a digital signage Windows solution, you can meet your customers’ diverse needs, enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term partnerships.

Access to Windows Ecosystem

Gain access to the extensive Windows ecosystem to leverage the power of Windows for your customers.


Set up your Windows player in minutes