Digital POP display inside a clothing store

Diving deep into the world of retail and understanding its rules is the most crucial step for success. It’s essential to remember that in this world, every product on the shelf competes for attention, and every purchase is a victory. Stepping into the next step involves understanding and mastering the art of Point of Purchase (POP) displays, which is the key to standing out.

Within this comprehensive guide, we will explore what Point of Purchase (POP) displays are and their fundamentals, ranging from their types to their benefits. Furthermore, we will delve into innovative digital POP displays, explaining how making the switch to retail digital signage can transform your business. Additionally, you will discover why Yodeck is the best choice for you, as it’s an affordable and intuitive solution that will reshape the entire retail experience.

What is a Point of Purchase (POP) Display?

Picture this: you’re strolling through a store, and something catches your eye—chances are, it’s a POP display. Furthermore, a Point of Purchase (POP) display is a strategic marketing tool placed in high-traffic areas within a store. Its purpose? Simple yet impactful: to grab the attention of shoppers, educate them about products, and lure them into impulsive buying.

Types of POP Displays


Temporary displays are like short stories in the retail world. Crafted from lightweight materials, they’re designed to shine brightly as attractive sales signage during limited-time offers or seasonal sales. Placed strategically, they can grab viewers’ attention and add a burst of excitement to their shopping experience.


Think of these displays as chapters in a novel. They’re sturdier, made from tougher materials, and designed for mid-term campaigns and product launches. They can withstand the hustle and bustle of daily store activities while offering customization flexibility. These displays evolve with the campaign, ensuring they stay interesting and engaging.


Lastly, permanent displays are the timeless classics of retail. Meticulously crafted with enduring materials and great attention to detail, they establish a brand or product identity within a store. Unlike their temporary counterparts, these displays don’t fade away. They become an integral part of the store, shaping its atmosphere and contributing significantly to brand recognition and customer loyalty. Imagine them as the spine of the store’s ambiance, creating a familiar and trustworthy environment for shoppers.

POP display on a supermarket

Examples of POP Displays

  • Shelf Talker: A small sign attached to store shelves provides additional product information.
  • End Caps: Displays positioned at the end of store aisles, promoting specific products or offers.
  • Vendor Shop: A dedicated space within the store showcasing products from a particular brand or vendor.
  • Floor Graphics: Eye-catching designs or messages on the store floor guide customers toward specific products or promotions.
  • Free Standing Displays: Independent in-store constructions, often used for product launches or special promotions.
  • Dump Bins: Large bins filled with discounted or promotional items, encouraging customers to search through and find bargains.

Digital POP Displays: Enhancing Engagement

Now that we live in the digital world, traditional marketing has changed into dynamic, interactive experiences. Digital POP displays leverage high-resolution screens to showcase products dynamically, providing an engaging and memorable experience for customers. From captivating videos to interactive touchpoints, digital displays redefine customer interaction, fostering deeper engagement and brand loyalty.

Benefits of POP Displays

Grab Attention

Digital POP displays are visual magnets, captivating the attention of even the most distracted shoppers and guiding their focus toward specific products.

Informative Influence

They serve as educational hubs, spreading vital product information, helping customers make informed decisions.

Triggering Impulse Buying

Placed strategically, POP displays tap into consumers’ impulse buying tendencies, translating curiosity into sales.


Despite their impactful nature, POP displays are relatively low-cost, offering an excellent return on investment.

Increased Sales & Brand Loyalty

Engaging displays not only boost sales but also contribute to enhanced brand loyalty, a priceless asset in the competitive retail environment.

Why Switch to Digital POP Displays?

The traditional charm of physical displays is evolving, making way for the more appealing digital POP displays. Discover why your retail business should make the switch:

Interactive POP display in a store

Dynamic Content

Digital displays allow you to showcase a wide range of content, from product demos to customer testimonials, ensuring your message is always fresh and relevant.

Real-Time Updates

Say goodbye to static banners and hello to real-time updates. Alter your promotions, display new products, and respond quickly to market trends, all at the click of a button.


Engage your customers like never before! Interactive touchscreens allow shoppers to explore products, view detailed specifications, and even place orders, creating a seamless shopping experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Digital displays provide valuable data on customer interactions. You can analyze which products receive the most attention, understand customer preferences, and tailor your strategies accordingly.


Reduce paper waste and contribute to a greener planet. Digital displays are eco-friendly, aligning your business with sustainable practices.

Introducing Yodeck: Your Affordable Digital Solution

Yodeck is your go-to solution! It can offer you affordability and user-friendliness all in one. Seamlessly integrating into your retail environment, Yodeck allows you to create captivating displays without the need for extensive technical knowledge. With its simple interface, you can design, schedule, and manage your content effortlessly.

Innovation is now the key to success. By understanding the power of Point of Purchase (POP) displays and embracing the digital revolution, you can create unique shopping experiences that resonate with your customers long after they leave your store. So, take the leap into the future of retail marketing, where every display tells a story, and every interaction is an opportunity. Elevate your retail business with digital POP displays and Yodeck, because in the world of retail, standing still means falling behind. Happy retailing!