Get Baremetrics on your screens with Yodeck

If you’re running your own business, you need the right data in order to make the right decisions.

And you need all your teams on board, brainstorming with the same business-critical data. That way you know you’ll make not only the right decision, but the best decision. What better way than displaying data dashboards on your digital signage screens. And now it’ll happen with just a few clicks.

Why rely on data dashboards?

Because you get the big picture, up-to-the-minute data, across all critical business areas. Sales, MRR, new customers – with data dashboards you get a global view of what’s going on in your company. Business growth shouldn’t be a crap shot in the dark. You can strategize, plan, and execute your way to success. But future business moguls, beware! Not all data is created equal. And you can’t go it alone. You need your people, your employees. After all, it takes a village. Even in business. And especially in the tech sector.

We should know. Here at Yodeck, we’re data driven. It’s how we make decisions. In fact, it’s how we made it this far. Whereas so many other startups start fast and furious only to fizzle out, we relied on our data dashboards to guide us every step of the way. Despite any mistakes we made, we managed to grow because we got back to what’s essential: the right data in front of the whole team.

Data dashboards and digital signage make a great power couple

You don’t want your teams wasting time to find the data they need and generate reports. Additionally, you definitely don’t want people working on obsolete data because of a lack of communication between teams. It’s a recipe for disaster.

With data dashboards on your digital signage screens? You’re well on your way to success. Why? Because everyone’s working on the same strategy-critical data. And with all your brilliant employees putting their heads together, you’ll certainly find the right course of action, the right decisions, and the right growth strategy.

Also, there are lots of added benefits to using digital signage as a way of displaying data dashboards. Digital signage helps your team work faster and smarter when it comes to decision-making. And in an office environment it increases business productivity. For instance, 59% of people in offices with digital signage want to learn more about what’s on screen. Similarly, employee engagement skyrockets, with productivity soaring by 20-25%.

Just imagine the kind of synergy you’ll get when the whole team has the big picture and works together for your company’s growth strategy. Digital signage and data dashboards? A recipe for success you won’t regret.

Bring Baremetrics on board

Baremetrics offers companies that use Stripe, Braintree and Recurly payment software excellent analytics that drive revenue growth. In fact, Baremetrics focuses on giving businesses including startups the exact data they need to make excellent revenue growth decisions. What kind of data? Specifically, all the important stuff like transactions, MRR, cancellations, trial account activity and signups.

Here at Yodeck, we know you need these types of data dashboards on your digital signage screens. Which is why Yodeck created an easy to use Baremetrics app that you can set up with just a few clicks.

Yodeck’s apps for data dashboards: How to get Baremetrics on your screen

Getting started with Yodeck’s digital signage apps is super easy, we promise! Simply go to the Yodeck platform, and click on the Baremetrics icon under the Apps tab. Give it a name and type in your email account and password for Baremetrics. Subsequently choose the refresh rate and report period of your graph and then select the actual graph you want to display. Save it and you’re done! Plus, it’ll look great on your screens.

Data dashboards and digital signage make perfect business sense

It’s cut-throat out there, for all businesses from startups to established brands, and you’ve got to stay on your toes. Being able to make the right decisions that lead to growth has never been more important. Data dashboards guarantee the information you need to grow your business is always at your fingertips. Combine data dashboards with digital signage and your entire team unites to find the best solutions and hammer out the best strategy.