White label digital signage

What are the benefits of White-Label Digital Signage? What are the risks? Is it worth it? Let’s get you some answers!

What is White-Label?

In the world of commerce, a product’s brand is important; it has a direct impact on the end customer’s perceived value of it. Digital Signage resellers often opt for products that can be sold under their own brand, instead of the vendor’s brand. Note that we are not talking about a White-Label vs a Do-It-Yourself solution. This is a whole different story. In essence, you should never, ever, implement a Digital Signage solution by yourself.

What about White-Label Digital Signage?

Using the same principles, software can be re-branded as well. In the Digital Signage world, where Partners and Resellers are a crucial part of the supply chain, a White-Label feature is often an absolute requirement. Digital signage integrators want to use their own brand to strengthen their relationship with their customers or have the maximum possible flexibility for their business. Let’s dig in.

Benefits of going White-Label vs Reselling

Thinking about it? Here are the most basic advantages of using a White-Label solution.

  1. Make up your own Pricing Model. Free from the shackles of public price lists, you can define your own pricing model. You can bundle Digital Signage technology and integration services together. You can get paid quarterly. Or provide hardware for free. Or anything. You are free to do whatever suits you.
  2. No Vendor Lock-in. Since it is now your brand, you can simply change the vendor’s designation and call it “Version 2”. Your customers are only familiar with you and your system. They will most probably not object to your decision to change to a different technology.
  3. Enhance your Company Profile. Including a branded Digital Signage platform in your portfolio, can strengthen your corporate profile and significantly tighten your relationship with your customers.
  4. “You” retain Customer Ownership. Customers won’t bypass you, going to the vendor and asking for better pricing, nor will they switch to some other reseller. It is “your” product they are using.

Risks of going White-Label

Thinking there is a catch? Well, you always have to give in order to take.

  1. You take responsibility for a 3rd party’s Doing. It does not work? It’s your fault, there is no one else to blame. Works great? You take the credit, it’s your product. Simple as that.
  2. Not your Roadmap to Change. You may feel that a feature is essential, but this does not mean that the vendor shares your vision.
  3. Customers Think You Can Do Anything. If they buy your product, they expect you to modify it for their needs. But that may not always be possible.


While there are some risks involved, a White-Labelled Digital Signage solution provides a huge amount of flexibility. And that is something most integrators need. The majority of businesses in the Yodeck Partner Network reach out to us with White-Label in mind, and most of them do, eventually, get on board as White-Label Partners.