small screens for digital signage

Choosing small screens for digital signage might seem like a cop-out at first glance.

After all, setting up big digital signage video walls takes time. And those huge fancy displays cost a whole lot more than you bargained for. So you settle for cheaper, smaller TVs. But here’s a pro tip for you. Small screens for digital signage might be the best-kept secret to your business success. Because it’s all about matching screen size to the target viewer.

Small screens for digital signage offer huge advantages

Obviously, you’ve walked through a fancy lobby and coveted their awesome video wall. Catchy content! Bright colors! It’s as big as a freakin’ movie screen! But do you really need it?

Think long and hard about the needs of your particular business or organization. What’s the point in setting up a huge video wall or getting a monster screen when it will get hidden behind shelves of clothes or groceries? Not to mention that people strolling through the aisles won’t even notice the high-tech effort you made. All they’ll see are ugly pixelated images that get distorted up close.

Small screens for digital signage provide the perfect solution when your business can’t offer unlimited wall space or a boundless budget. Plus they’re extremely easy to set up by employees who aren’t tech experts.

Most important of all, small displays could be the best way to grab your target viewer’s attention. What’s your goal with digital signage? You want people to check out your screen, get hooked and then buy that product or sign up for your loyalty program. Small screens for digital signage could be just the ticket for that kind of engagement and successful call to action.

After all, it’s all about making smart display decisions. Not showy ones. And here’s how you can use small screens for digital signage in a way that boosts your business.

Captive target viewers need these displays for digital signage

Say you’re walking in your target viewer’s shoes for the day. Pretend you’re shopping in your store. Where would a shopper have the most time to either get up close and personal with your TVs or have enough downtime to focus on your content? That’s exactly where small screens for digital signage can work big wonders.

Think waiting rooms, check-out counters, dressing rooms, elevators, retail shelves, end-of-aisle placement and bathrooms. They’re all places where big TVs wouldn’t fit, would get in the way or just ruin the décor you thought so much about. Additionally, in places like dressing rooms, bathrooms and elevators, your target viewer’s confined to a small area. A more one-on-one connection with a small TV for digital signage offers the best way to showcase your marketing message.

Additionally, because they’re not zipping through at quantum speed, your target viewers have the time and proximity to focus on your quality content. Plus, they’re more open to paying attention and acting upon your marketing message. Because with small screens for digital signage, it’s almost like you’re speaking to them alone, and not shouting at the crowds.

Less real estate lets you tailor your message

Big screens in lobbies or bars broadcast your branding to everyone. Same message to all. Small screens though? You can use them to tailor your message based on what’s important to your target viewer at that specific moment in time.

Sounds too good to be true? Think again. Since small displays can be as small as you want, why not install them right there on your retail shelf. It’s a great way to cross-sell or up-sell products and services. Say someone reaches for a tooth-whitener. A small TV right there near the product could show off toothpaste from the same product line. Or even recommend the fancier tooth-whitener brand. Retail digital signage can work wonders in any vertical across different retail sectors. Stick small screens for digital signage near clothing displays, and you can let your customer see all the matching accessories.

As you can see, because small displays fit anywhere, you can offer your target viewer content that relates to what they’re doing right then and there. And since your digital signage content impacts what’s important to them in the moment, you’re more likely to get that extra sale. Only small screens for digital signage can pull off that kind of targeted up- and cross-selling.

Tech for less on-screen real estate can get just as fancy

Just because you’re going small doesn’t mean the tech behind your screen can’t be impressive. You can find manufacturers and integrators who can embed displays right into faucets or shop counters. End-of-aisle or on-shelf displays become part of your décor and define your brand. What’s great is how small screens for digital signage become part of the shopping experience and part of what’s appealing about your store, bar or diner.

Want to truly use your small digital signage displays as a calling card for your establishment? Make them touchscreens and you’ll heighten the user experience with elevated engagement and interaction. Especially when it comes to getting people to pay attention to your content, you can’t beat the experience touchscreens offer.

And when it comes to small screens for digital signage, you can go as small as 5 inches, although 10-inch screens tend to be the most popular. It’s all about finding the right screen to meet the needs of both your target viewer and your business.

Small screens for digital signage in a nutshell

Sure, big screens are best for high-traffic areas and crowds who won’t get up close to your TVs. But opt for small screens for digital signage when your target viewers are in confined areas and have the time and close proximity to focus on your message. Use small displays for on-shelf and end-of-aisle placement and you get to craft a message that targets your viewer’s priorities in the moment. Which means you hit them with a message that speaks to what’s important to them and spurs the exact kind of action you want.