Queue manager on signage screens

What’s the secret to a successful business? Guaranteeing a steady flow of return business of course. And what makes people come back to your shop, restaurant or service? Creating a great customer experience.

One way of making sure your customers leave your establishment total happy campers and already posting glowing reviews, is to display a queue manager on signage screens. Once you minimize the frustration of waiting in line, your business will bask in all that good cheer.

So that’s exactly why we decided to collaborate with Qube, an innovator in queue management software. Firstly, this service offers an effective, contactless way of managing queues. Also, if you display it on your digital signage screens, it offers your teams a great way of keeping track of customer flows. Similarly, customers can know at a glance if they need to hang around the counter or move on to another activity while they wait. Most importantly, Qube is now included in our free digital signage apps.

Why should you use a queue manager on signage screens?

Queue management software such as Qube offers businesses from retailers to restaurants, hospitals to entertainment a host of advantages. First of all, chaotic queues lead to shoddy service. So of course that translates to longer waiting times and angry customers. Using a queue manager on signage screens streamlines queues, thus resulting in shorter waiting times across all counters. Also, Qube lets customers know when it’s their turn. Therefore, it minimizes the sense of frustration on the customer end as well. Specifically, once they see how long they have to wait, they can opt to pass their time productively. Most importantly, that means they feel entertained throughout the entire duration of their stay at your establishment. Moreover, effective queue management directly contributes to creating a stand-out customer experience that makes people keep coming back for more.

Additionally, integrating a queue manager on signage screens amplifies the benefits provided by both these solutions. On the one hand you automatically manage customer queues, and on the other you keep people waiting in line informed through your TVs. This means shoppers or guests have a hub with all the vital information they need to manage their wait times. Similarly, your staff can benefit from having all the flow data they need, on one screen, behind the scenes. Therefore, installing a queue manager on signage screens performs both an outward- and inward-facing role. Especially when it comes to helping teams meet their targets, digital signage facilitates real-time strategic pivots.

The benefits of collaborating with Qube

So many of our clients face the daily challenge of minimizing wait times and streamlining queues. We wanted to offer an option that makes it simple to instantly display a queue manager on signage screens. However, we wanted any collaboration we entered to provide excellent service to our clients. Qube fits the bill. Firstly, it combines IOT technology with a cloud-based solution. Therefore, the advantages and features this type of cutting edge solution provides means our clients get a platform they can rely on. Moreover, it comes with a contactless way of issuing tickets that speeds up the process of managing multiple service counters. Also, the expense of purchasing and maintaining Qube is minimal. This is especially important while businesses try to recover from the pandemic.

Additionally, we have thoroughly tested this solution to guarantee it works great with Yodeck. No hiccups, no glitches, no time wasted troubleshooting. Also, although it is a subscription service, you can always test it out with a free trial to make sure it’s exactly what your business needs. We want this collaboration to help you manage your queues and wait times while maximizing the potential of your signage screens. Therefore, our new Qube app gives you the same ease of use and setup you get with all of our digital signage apps.

How to display a queue manager on signage screens with Yodeck

Once you create your Qube account, simply follow these steps to get it on your screens.

  1. Sign in to your Yodeck account.
  2. Click on the ‘Apps’ button on the left side of your dashboard.
  3. Select ‘Add new’ and then choose the Q Better app.
  4. Type in a name for your app in the ‘Name’ field.
  5. Paste in the link for your Q Better Public Identifier URL.
  6. Add a name for the ‘Queue Header’.
  7. Also type a name for the ‘Ticket Header’.
  8. Assign a name for the ‘Counter Header’.
  9. Click on ‘Save’ and you can get your queue manager on signage screens.

How Qube and Yodeck help you create a great customer experience

You want your customers to leave your shop, restaurant, entertainment venue or healthcare facility with nothing but the best of impressions. Installing a queue manager on signage screens offers an easy and cost-effective way of minimizing wait times and streamlining queues. Most importantly, you combine the advantages of both technologies in order to improve customer service. Also, the added benefits of automating queue management and effectively updating customers mean you elevate the customer experience while helping your employees focus on delivering a great service.