signage fonts

The perfect font for digital signage is incredibly important. Think you can just select whatever font tickles your fancy? You’ll be making a huge mistake if you do. And it’ll cost you target viewers, customer engagement and profit. But the good news is with a couple of smart choices, you’ll have the perfect font for digital signage content that grabs your target viewer.

The perfect font for digital signage content must be easy to read

You’re all excited about your digital signage system and what it’ll do for your business. It’s no wonder your first instinct is to go overboard with your content style. And the first victim of your over-enthusiasm is usually your font. Why not go all fancy and choose that awesome filigreed cursive that looks like it jumped out of an old manuscript. It’ll stand out, right? You bet. But for all the wrong reasons.

The one goal you should have when you design your text is readability. You want to get your message across to your target viewers. It’s vital for your business, school or organization. You’ve put a lot of thought into your content and made sure you’ve optimized your branded message (link to post about making people look at your screen). Don’t drop the ball by opting for a font that’s unique and ostentatious. Because it won’t be easy for people to read. It’s unfamiliar, hard to scan in a few seconds and instead of focusing on your message they’ll be trying to figure out your fancy font.

Sans Serif/Serif font combinations are the best for digital signage

Most of us just go with whatever font is pre-selected in our word processor. You can’t do that with your digital signage. If you want the perfect font for digital signage content, stick to Sans Serif and Serif fonts. They’re easy to read, people are used to them in their daily life, which means your message will be what’s in the spotlight.

What’s even better is if you choose a Sans Serif font for your headline text. Advertising a sale? Sans serif should be your go-to font for the headline in that slide. Why? Because research has shown that sans serif font makes it easier for people to understand what you’re saying in a short period of time. And that’s exactly what you’re going for with digital signage: a punchy message in a just a few seconds.

But you’ve got to make your text visually interesting as well. Something that looks awesome will attract a whole lot more attention. Which means you can mix it up and use a serif font for any text longer than the headline message. Sure, most digital content relies on sans serif font, but we’re used to reading serif fonts in books, newspapers and magazines. Why not make your message stand out? In fact, serif font might be making a digital comeback, giving your text a splash of style. You’ve got to play with your fonts to make your text pop. Combine different text sizes with a sans serif/serif mix and you’ll be sure to rock that message.

Word to the wise: Limit your font style and size to a couple per slide. It keeps your text sleek and easy to read. It’s tempting to experiment, but you won’t be happy with the messy on-screen results.

DON’T use all caps if you want perfect font for digital signage

See what I did there? Bet y’all thought I was gearing up to give you a lecture with that capitalized “don’t”. Lots of people think using all capital letters will get more people to pay attention. They won’t. Not only does it seem like your pretty little digital signage slide is shouting at your viewers, all caps makes it harder for people to read what you’re saying.

Research shows people need more time to read capital letters and all caps also tend to blur together. Which kills your digital signage strategy. Your target viewers just won’t hang around to make sense of your content. You need them to read and absorb your message in the span of a few seconds.

If you want your headline text to stand out, use a different style and size font. Or play with colors. Don’t use all caps if you want the perfect font for digital signage content. And don’t forget to check your screens every time you experiment with fonts and design!

Think of your branding when you choose your fonts

Whether you’ve got a company, retail store, diner, church or school, I’m sure you’ve thought of your branding. That specific style associated just with your organization. It’s in your logo, letterhead, banners, online and print material. People see it and know it’s you. Make sure it’s part of your digital signage content and font.

Perhaps you’ve already got a branded font you use for ads and online. You can lift that same font for your digital signage text as well. Make small adjustments to make sure it reads well on your screens and you’re good to go. The best part is it will always instantly remind people they’re reading about you. And that reinforces customer engagement.

You can also use your company colors for the font or other graphics. Or have the branded font style echo in other design elements. Never forget your branding when you choose the perfect font for digital signage.

Fonts & images must work together

This is a quick and easy rule: your font and image have to complement each other. Watch the style and color scheme as well as the shape of the text. Make sure it stands out against or beside any images you use.

And you’ve got to use images. They look great and grab people’s attention – which means your message zaps right into your target viewer’s mind. Just pair your fonts and images together in a way that’s easy on the eyes. Because the perfect font for digital signage only gets better alongside the perfect image.

What’s it all mean?

The perfect font for digital signage content is a critical part of your design strategy. The options are limitless. But if you keep fonts simple, easily readable, and visibly branded, they’ll be your partner in digital signage success.