Color Scheme for Digital Signage

Picking a great color scheme for digital signage content can make or break your message.

Think I’m overexaggerating? Scientific research shows certain colors spur sales and create emotional connections to your content’s message. And it’s easy to achieve. Use our quick tips to pick the colors that’ll jump-start your sales and drive your message home.

The importance of color schemes for digital signage content

Whether we’re talking reader-friendly fonts, background colors, pics or animation, there are countless ways to use color in your digital signage content. And color is key. Why? Because color attracts attention. Just think about it. When you’re flipping through a magazine, book or newspaper you automatically stop when you come across a brightly-colored picture, title or headline. And bingo. That advertiser or illustrator’s done her job. She got you to sit up and pay attention. And that’s exactly what you’re trying to do with your digital signage content.

Picture books, social media, visual aids in school – they’ve all helped us learn, connect, understand and remember. Because they were in color. They stood out. And we paid more attention to whatever information they were trying to give us. We’re basically programmed to perk up when we see something colorful. So you’ve got to get smart and pick a great color scheme for digital signage content.

A great color scheme means getting all the feels

We’ve come to associate different colors with certain emotions, moods or symbols. Red means danger or passion. Black suggests something dark or serious. White tells us something is pure or innocent. And we pick up on these color-coded feelings immediately, subconsciously. Because we’ve been conditioned since birth. So it’s about time you use this neat little emotional shorthand to pick a great color scheme for digital signage content.

Certain colors make people reach for their wallet. All because colors give your target viewer all the feels. So go for heads-up red, trusty blue, eco-friendly and moneybags green. Each color sends your target viewer a specific emotion or creates a mood. Take advantage of this fact to create attractive sales signage that converts. Pair each slide’s content message with the right color to inspire a certain profit-friendly feeling.

What’s great is that you can achieve this result totally under the radar. Background or font color, image or animation hues, it’s all equally effective. So play around. Pick a different color for each slide and message. You’ll keep things hopping. Besides, your company, shop, diner or institution has many different sides to its personality, right? Serious but caring. Profit-driven but responsible. Delicious and eco-friendly. Use color to tell your target viewer all about you and your message.

Keep colors bright, bold but simple

Bright colors pop. They get noticed. It’s why we pair a red sweater with grey pants. Because no one wants to be a wallflower. And neither does your digital signage. Remember, a faded-out message is an ignored message.

So pick bright, bold colors. Primary colors work great, so do secondary colors as they boldly stand out. Of course there are tons of different shades you could use, but it’s best to stick to a small number of simple colors that are bright and bold. Why? Because they’re easier to use in a complete color scheme.

Think of each slide as a little color kingdom. You probably have one color for the background, a different one for the font and then a bunch more colors in whatever pic you chose to complement the text. And like in any successful kingdom, you want everyone to get along. No Game of Thrones clashes here. So stick to a few bright colors, throw in some lighter neutral shades, and keep it simple so it all matches.

Don’t turn your slide into color chaos. Remember, you want your message to stand out. Using a great color scheme for digital signage makes it much easier.

Your branding must be part of a great color scheme for digital signage content

Your digital signage is all about you and what you want to tell your target viewers. People have to glance up at your screens and know who’s talking to them. And that means you’ve got to include your branding when you choose a great color scheme for digital signage.

Just turn to your logo, mascot or company letterhead for inspiration. For example, here at Yodeck our company logo is a simple orange-white combo. We pick up those two primary and secondary colors and use them in the color scheme of each digital signage slide as a gentle reminder that hey, it’s us talking to y’all. Added bonus? Orange makes people feel happy, creative and energetic. Which is exactly what we’re all about here at Yodeck.

Remember, good branding isn’t about hitting your target viewer on the head with who you are and what you do. It’s got to be subtle. And a great color scheme for digital signage content that factors in your company colors is an awesome and simple way to give your branding a boost.

Harness the power of color to get your message across

You want your digital signage to boost sales, up enrollment, increase target viewer awareness. And it’s all about your message. So use color to have a conversation with the people you want to reach the most. Stick to bright colors, don’t overwhelm each slide with too many hues, remember your brand’s signature colors, and play with each shade’s emotional meaning. You’ll create a great color scheme for your digital signage content that packs a punch.