Digital Signage for the Tourism Industry

Strolling along white sand beaches. Hiking the Redwood forest. Diving in the tropics. Touring the relics of the ancient world.

It’s all about making dreams come true. And if you’re in the tourism industry, you’re a modern-day genie who busted out of the bottle with an unlimited number of wishes you have to grant. Because you need to keep tourists ecstatic if you want to keep your business thriving. And digital signage for the tourism industry is your brand new sidekick.

Boost profits with digital signage for the tourism industry

The tourism industry is booming. No doubt about it. People are spending more, expecting more, demanding more. Over 60% of people decide to travel at the last minute if the price is right. And 45% have a travel wish-list they want to experience, with 82% planning to start within the year. And 75% of millennials prioritize splurging on an experience, tourism included.

It’s all about living the dream. And people expect the tourism industry to wave a magic wand and make it happen. Honestly, it makes sense. We all scrimp and save year-round so we can have those two fantastic weeks at our paradise destination of choice. We’re even willing to pay more if it means we experience more.

No one in the tourism industry can afford to lose out – or mess up. In an online world where a few bad reviews and a viral service-mishap video can make your business go bust, you’ve got to get it right. Tourists expect an immersive, engaging experience, no matter what tickles their fancy. And they expect an equally immersive sales pitch. Digital signage for the tourism industry offers exactly that. Which means you’ll win over both tourist hearts and dollars.

How? Just make them the star of whatever awesome tourism experience you’re selling.

Tailor-made digital signage for the tourism industry

Run guided walking tours of local attractions? Organize winery-hopping for the platinum-card crowd? Offer awesome yet affordable diving lessons for cash-strapped students – equipment and after-dive drinks included? Sure, you’re all targeting different tourist groups. But one thing’s a given. You’ve got to get them to sign on the dotted line and fork over the cash before you call the day a success.

Use digital signage for the tourism industry and they’ll be happy to reach for their wallet. Why? Because you’ll show them exactly what’s there for the taking as soon as they step through the door. The best part of digital signage for the tourism industry is that it’s all about the visuals. And we’re primed to respond to all things bright and shiny. Think about it: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. It’s all about living vicariously. New cars, new clothes, new tech, new hair. We see it and most of us really want to have it too.

So give it to the next tourist who walks by. Set up a screen, create a playlist full of pics and videos, add a few customer testimonials. Seeing is believing, after all. Bombard them with all the places you’ll take them on your tour. Show them those hidden winery gems. Sprinkle in some underwater video footage of that shipwreck. Dazzle them and they’ll reach for their dollars. How can they resist the temptation?

Make them feel like they’re the star of the show with digital signage for the tourism industry

You’ve wowed them with all your videos and pics. They’re ready to bite. Except they also want to go beach-hopping by boat they saw flyers for. And it’s their last day. So how do you seal the deal?

It’s all about making it personal. They’ve got to be the star of the show. Create digital signage content that tells a story and makes them feel like you’re offering them a one-of-a-kind adventure. Something no one else can provide. A unique experience.

How? Focus on what you do best. What puts a smile on people’s faces? What gets people all excited about your service? And what makes them promise to come back? You’ve got a gold-mine of insider info right there at your fingertips. Showcase it as you put together a series of videos or images. Tell potential customers the story of what they’re about to experience. Make them picture themselves as the hero. Show them what you offer that no one else can. And how it’ll make them feel.

Think your business isn’t high-action like a diving school or high-brow like an archaeological walking tour? No problem. Even if you’ve got a souvenir shop with cute handcrafted items or locally-made apparel, you too can put your customers in the limelight. Use digital signage for the tourism industry and show them what their home will be like if they choose décor from your shop. Shoot a quick video with a few awesome outfits you put together. Make it look so perfect they’ve got to have them.

Make them see themselves in a new light. Show them you’re the only one who can make them feel this way. After all, the tourism industry is all about offering an experience. Digital signage for the tourism industry makes that experience feel like a must-have.

Digital signage for the tourism industry makes your business tech-savvy

No matter what kind of business you own, digital signage for the tourism industry helps your business boom. It’s all about showing tourists what kind of experience you offer, how you’ll make them feel, what they’ll get if they choose your service, how it’ll change them. And there’s no better way than painting a picture with videos, images, playlists and more. If they see it, they’ll want it. And you’ll elbow out the competition.