April software release notes

Release Notes

New features

  • Teams Channel App: Share company news and announcements directly from Microsoft Teams to your screens! Using the new Teams Channel App, you can make a new post (or announcement), and we transform it to Digital Signage optimized content, using the content of your post. Teams Channel App will be a premium App.
  • Lockable Layouts: Create layouts and lock any item you want so that you stay reassured that your colleagues won’t mess things up by mistake. You can fully lock items so that no action can be done or semi-lock (lock size and position) so your colleagues can edit or replace them. It is beneficial for layouts where you want to keep the design as is while some colleagues update the content, replacing elements like images and text. Only admins can lock/unlock items and even lock the insert button for a layout. Available only on Premium plan.


  • RPi Virtual Keyboard: Create interactive solutions for your customers using the RPi and a touchscreen. We implemented a virtual keyboard for the RPi so that you can display any website or App and allow the user to add their input without using a keyboard or mouse. It can be combined greatly with our Interactive Kiosk App. All virtual keyboard settings are in Monitors > Monitor Form > Interactivity.
  • Time & Date App: This is a new option to fully customize the Time & Date format to your needs, setting the exact format plus any text before or after.
  • Counter up/down App: New format options to display only the time units you want (days, hours, minutes, seconds).