Yodeck - Media tags and more!

After last month’s extravaganza with the launch of our new Pro and Enterprise plans, plus a bunch of new features released, we decided it was time for some spring polishing up this time. So yes, media tags and more are in our latest update!

Our previous release took a bit longer, so we’ve got this one out to you in just 4 weeks. It comes with countless improvements under the hood, but there are also some great noteworthy new features as well.

As always, our aim is to help you improve the way you work with Yodeck and we think you’ll enjoy our latest update installment.

Media Tags & Tag Management

Media tags and management

Tags are great for managing all sorts of things. We already support tags for Monitors, but tags in Media are even more useful.

For now, you can use them for categorizing and managing large collections of Media. In 6 weeks’ time, we will release Tag-based Playlists for the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Also, if you use tags a lot, you might end up with older tags piled up and becoming a nuisance. You can now delete Tags you no longer need, or even rename them, without affecting Tag assignments to Devices or Media.

Bulk Editing Media Properties

Bulk editing media properties

With the arrival of Media Tags comes the ability to give you bulk editing of Media properties. You can now select multiple Media and massively change their Tags, and/or change their Activation/Expiration dates. Nice eh?

Advanced Options for SAML

Advanced Options for SAML

We know, SAML can be tedious to set up. Standard configuration options do not always work out of the box.

That’s why we have enhanced the SAML configuration in Yodeck with a few advanced settings. These improvements will make it easier for you to set it up with any kind of SAML Identity Provider. And, of course, our support team is always available to help you out.

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Release Notes

  • Added support for Media Tags!
  • Monitor Tags can now be deleted or renamed. Same goes for the new Media Tags.
  • Media can now be bulk-edited, to modify Tags or expiration/activation time.
  • Improved the way bulk-edit works for Devices and Media. It is now much faster and more reliable.
  • Added more settings for SAML to accommodate special setups. We also created tutorials for connecting SAML to OneLogin, Azure AD, and SalesForce.
  • We now support static links for SAML static links for metadata, ACS and SLS endpoints. This is required by some IdP providers.
  • Folders can now be moved from one Workspace to another, moving along all contents.
  • Last selection for “Show X items” in all listings is now remembered by storing the selection in the browser.
  • Some migration cases from our old Permissions to our new Roles were faulty. We improved and re-migrated most of them.
  • We now use geolocation to preselect the UI language on signup and prefill the Country field when ordering.
  • If Players get disabled or deleted from the Portal, they now remember this state when they reboot.
  • Resolved a bunch of minor issues in the UI (typos, small issues, etc)
  • We increased the power of our server, significantly improving UI responsiveness.
  • We updated our Partner billing mechanism for the new subscription plans.
  • Partner Accounts are now disabled automatically if there are invoiced overdue by more than 30 days, and get enabled again when the invoice is paid.
  • Whitelabel Partners can now select their Service Brand Name and Player Brand Name to be replaced across all the UI and languages.
  • Partners can now have staff members with specific access rights, so that they only have access where needed.

One more thing

Newsflash: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ was announced on Mar 14th. On the same day, we announced beta support for it. As demand is high, we will gradually transition to ship out Pi 3 B+ units for all orders at the same price.