The Budget-friendly Playsignage Alternative

Pay less & get more with Yodeck

Turn any screen into a digital sign with Yodeck, the ultimate Playsignage alternative. For only $7.99/screen, you get amazing features, free stock media, templates and apps, and all the great tools you will need to make your screens stand out. Plus, we offer top security features that align with your corporate strategy.

Market leaders trust Yodeck for easy, affordable, and professional digital signage.

30 days money back guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Join us today to enjoy the value Yodeck Digital Signage Solution brings
to your business. With the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, you can
enter the digital signage world risk-free!

Free for 1-screenTen free trial screens
FREE Players with Annual Plans

Unlimited Storage
Pre-configured and plug’n play players
Advanced Scheduling
Free stock Images
Free Apps
Custom App
Free Templates (Layouts)
Price / screen per month$8$16
Price / screen annually$96$120

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Top 3 reasons why Yodeck is the #1 Playsignage alternative

1. Easy to use, manage & scale

Yodeck is the leading easiest-to-use digital signage platform and our goal is to make your professional signage as enjoyable and friction-free as possible. With our cloud-based solution, as the ultimate Playsignage alternative, you can manage your content and screens remotely. So, if you have many screens across various stores or locations, you perform total screen management and content updates through our online platform. Plus, with Yodeck, it’s super easy to scale from 0-1,000

2. Save $79 with any annual plan

Choose any annual plan and get the Yodeck Media Player, pre-configured with your Wi-Fi credentials, for free! Our complete Players include extra memory, an HDMI cable, a case with heat sink, and a power adapter. Setting up the Yodeck Media Player is extremely simple and easy with Yodeck as a Playsignage alternative.

3. Sterling Security Features

Yodeck offers top-level security, including SSL, firewall, and password policies as well as Player encryption and lockdown features. Your screens and content are safe and secure with us. Display your content, knowing that your digital signage deployment is aligned with all the security protocols.

Choose Yodeck as your Playsignage alternative

Great Features For Amazing Content

Yodeck, as the top Playsignage alternative, gives you thousands of free stock images and videos to make it easier for you to display engaging and beautiful content. Choose from hundreds of free, professionally designed, industry-specific templates and impress your customers or employees. It’s super easy. All you have to do is drag & drop your favorite media and push them to your players.

Remote Access & Control

With Yodeck you can access and manage your screens and content, remotely from your PC. Upload, update, and display new content, even if you are miles away from your screens. Yodeck, as the ultimate cloud-based Playsignage alternative, makes it super easy for you to control your content and be creative.

Extreme Security Standards

Yodeck offers extreme security features and reliability. Upload and manage your content without worrying about security. Rely on SSL, firewall and password policies, in addition to Player encryption and lockdown. All your data and content are safe with Yodeck, so you can just enjoy a digital signage solution you can trust.

Pricing Plans For All & Free Hardware

Our pricing plans are suitable for all types of businesses and organizations, no matter the size. The super-affordable plans, along with free hardware, make Yodeck, the best Playsignage alternative for you. Also, you can test our product and all features – run 1 screen forever free!

Easy Setup

Yodeck is an extremely easy-setup signage platform. Our plug-and-play feature helps you connect your screens quickly and easily, within a few minutes. There’s no tech expertise required, anyone can do it. Also, if you opt for our annual plan, you will get pre-configured, complete Players for free.

Free remote support

In case you face any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out to our expert tech support team. Also, you can ask us for more info about features and advanced customization, or give us feedback or ideas. To better understand our products book a demo and explore what we have to offer you.

Our clients love us because we provide a professional, affordable and intuitive digital signage experience.