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We had an incredible time at ISTE 2024 in Denver, where the Yodeck sales team engaged with more than 1,000 educators to showcase how our digital signage solutions can transform educational environments. Here’s a recap of our experience and insights gained from this vibrant event.

Connecting with educators and IT professionals

At ISTE 2024, more than 16,500 attendees, including teachers, district leaders, IT professionals, and ed-tech industry leaders, gathered to explore the latest advancements in educational technology​​. Our interactions with this diverse group highlighted the significant interest in enhancing classroom experiences and campus communications through digital signage.

Showcasing Yodeck’s capabilities

We demonstrated several key use cases of Yodeck digital signage that resonated with the attendees:

Showcasing Yodeck’s capabilities

We demonstrated several key use cases of Yodeck digital signage that resonated with the attendees:

  1. Campus communication: Yodeck’s digital signage solution facilitates seamless communication across school campuses. Whether it’s displaying important announcements, safety updates, or event schedules, our platform ensures that everyone is informed in real-time. This is crucial for district managers and IT professionals who require reliable and efficient ways to disseminate information throughout the campus.
  2. Sports arena signage: Enhance the sports event experience with dynamic arena signage. Yodeck’s digital signage can display live game scores, player statistics, and promotional content during sports events. This application is particularly beneficial for schools and universities in the US that host large sports events, offering an engaging experience for attendees.
  3. Library notices and events: Libraries are central hubs of information and activity on campuses. Use Yodeck’s digital signage to display notices about new arrivals, upcoming events, and library hours. This ensures that students and faculty are always informed about what’s happening in the library.
  4. Cafeteria menus: Displaying up-to-date cafeteria menus and nutritional information can streamline the dining experience for students and staff. Yodeck’s digital signage solutions can showcase daily menus, special offers, and dietary information, making it easy for everyone to make informed choices about their meals.
  5. Engaging students and faculty: In K-12 schools, digital signage in common places like hallways, lobbies, and student lounges can significantly enhance engagement among students and faculty. These screens can display motivational messages, celebrate student achievements, share important reminders, and promote upcoming school events. This not only keeps everyone informed but also fosters a sense of community and school spirit.

Learning and feedback

A significant part of our success at ISTE was listening to the feedback from educators. These insights will guide our future product roadmap and enhance how we support educators and their needs, whether in K-12 schools or higher education institutes.

Promotional activities

Our promotional activities were a hit, with a teacher earning a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses as part of our giveaways. We also distributed over 1,000 branded items, including Yodeck yo-yos and pens, which were particularly popular and served as a fun way to remember us.

Looking forward

Our participation at ISTE 2024 reinforced the importance of tailored solutions for K-12 schools and higher education institutions. We are excited to continue supporting educational institutions with our digital signage solutions and look forward to building on the connections made at ISTE 2024.

For more information on how Yodeck can enhance your educational environment, contact our sales team to book a demo.

This article is written by the Yodeck Product Marketing Manager, Patty Gourou.