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Support for PDF and HDMI-in Adapter in Yodeck

PDF Support

Yodeck just got a little more awesome! We’ve added some new exciting features, and more are on the way.

Support for PDF Files

PDF files are hugely popular file format for digital signage. They are easy to create and manage. And now on Yodeck you can simply create a presentation, export it as PDF and upload it through the new “PDF” option, under “Media”. Great news, right?

You can specify a default duration for all pages, but you can also explicitly set the duration for individual pages. Or even skip any pages you don’t need!

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Use an HDMI-in Adapter

Have an HDMI device with a video feed you want to use in Yodeck? We’ve got you covered!

Yodeck now supports local multicast IP streamers, and we’ve added specific support for the Lenkeng LKV373A. You can get an HDMI-in adapter for as little as $35.

This offers great flexibility. End users can still use the STB as they would normally do, but the final on-screen result will include all the extra information, augmented by Yodeck.

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SD Image for Pi Zero W

Looking for an ultra-low budget option and don’t mind a slight compromise on speed? While we recommend using the Raspberry Pi 3 with Yodeck, some users asked for a Pi Zero W. So, what else could we do but respond in kind? We’ve now released a special-purpose SD card image for the Pi Zero W.

Cheap and cheerful – in a good way of course – the Raspberry Pi Zero W only costs $10. It’s an affordable option for building a special purpose digital signage solution.

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Bits and Pieces

As always, we’ve been carefully waxing on and waxing off behind the scenes, polishing up a few other smaller things.
Read the full release details below.

Coming up in 6 weeks:

Chrome overlay support, synced HDMI-in Playback
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  • Added support for PDF files
  • Added support for multicast streams
    a UDP/RTP IP video stream that uses a multicast address will now reconfigure (on the fly) the Player’s firewall to allow for the video stream traffic.
  • Added support for Lenkeng LKV373A device
    a special firewall rule is added for multicast streams on port 5004 (used by Lenkeng devices)
  • Added the Portuguese language
  • Improved seamless transition support for single cores Pi’s
  • Now, on Player registration, a default password is generated and shown in plain text inside the Portal until changed
  • Widgets now have some default configuration that makes sense
  • NTP Servers can now be massively changed on Monitors
  • Added User Permissions for Widgets and Custom Widgets
  • Fixed the Show entry form in Schedules, form was missing field when used on mobile
  • Added support for in-app notification for scheduled downtime
  • Multiple video uploads now allow setting the “as-is” toggle for all files uploaded.
  • Improved internal encoding task management to allow for retries

Support for PDF and HDMI-in Adapter in Yodeck was last modified: June 7th, 2017 by Vangelis Mihalopoulos

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