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Digital Signage in Places of Worship

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions going to church?

Old pews, musty rec rooms and yellowed prayer books, most probably. And it’s so unfair because so many places of worship are active, vibrant members of their community with absolutely vital outreach programs that truly make a difference to countless families. And you know what’s an even sadder truth? That this frustrating stereotype can be so easily (and affordably) debunked by doing a few simple things.

Like using church digital signage (you heard me right). Embrace this eye-catching tech in your church or synagogue and it can truly jazz up the way faith reaches your community.

Here’s why:

Digital signage gets millennials through the door

What’s the point of delivering a rockin’ sermon if the people you most want to reach – millennials – aren’t even there? The cold hard truth is that, according to Forbes, church attendance is plummeting while an increasingly alarming number of people don’t identify with any religion at all. And that’s especially true when it comes to the young ‘uns. Pew Research Center’s study shows a whopping 72% of millennials only occasionally, if ever, attend services in places of worship. Despite the fact that 67% of them believe religion plays a huge part in their lives.

So what’s driving them away from traditional churches and synagogues? Tech at their fingertips is the millennials’ natural habitat. And it’s sorely lacking in most places of worship. Which is where digital signage steps in to save the day. Give them information about community and faith initiatives in the catchy media-rich form they’re accustomed to. And they’ll see you appreciate their way of interacting with the world. And engage you back.

Give it a try. Use digital signage as a way of reaching out, and places of worship will soon become familiar stomping grounds for millennials. Which is exactly what traditional places of worship need. Because millennials? They’re the ones who believe in change and community and giving back. In fact, about 70% of millennials donate their time and effort on a regular basis. And all places of worship need highly educated, community-centered members like them. Digital signage could very well be the key to reaching the future of your congregation.

Digital signage keeps the community together

Forget about the dusty old bulletin boards of yore. With digital signage, your message isn’t just catchier with all the bells and whistles video, images and audio bring you. It’s also always up-to-date and up-to-the-minute. Consider this: just got new photos from church summer camp? Upload them to your digital signage screen in a fancy-looking playlist, right in time for Sunday service. Parents will be beaming all through mass. Need last-minute housing for visiting pastors? You’ll get the message out instantly for moms to see before Baby & Me.

Make community outreach efforts immediately known to all, with just a few clicks. And you’ll get all the help you need for the latest potluck, choir rehearsal, fundraiser or support group you’re hosting. The best thing is that once word’s out that your nifty new digital signage screen is chock-full of valuable info, people will automatically turn to it. On a regular basis.

Digital signage for churches = extra revenue

Once your digital signage system is up and running, why bother with photocopying or printing flyers, programs and posters? Not only will you save tons of money – money you can redirect to people in need – but you’ll be helping the environment to boot. And let’s be honest. A two-minute video with teasers of the upcoming Christmas concert is a whole lot more attention-grabbing than a plain old poster.

What’s more, you can also sell ad space on your digital signage system. Local shops and businesses would jump at the chance of getting their brand out there for the whole community to see. Sprinkle ads between your usual content, and it’s a perfect commercial partnership for all. Plus, if you’re renting out your church or synagogue for community theater, bazaars or other similar events, having a digital signage system definitely sweetens the deal. They’ll have a sleek, high-tech way of making any announcements they need, all pre-installed and ready to go.

At first glance, digital signage might seem like something only big corporations use. But once you consider all the community-building benefits it brings to places of worship, you’ll be raring to try it out.

Here at Yodeck, we’re always eager to help places of worship get their digital signage system up and running. Just contact us!