New subscription/pricing plans

We are always trying to build as much value into Yodeck as possible. However, not everything we build (and are building) is needed by all our customers.

And we’re completely fine with that. But we’ve got some news regarding our pricing plans.

Last month, we rolled out a survey to see what features our customers need and how much value they see in them. The feedback we received validated what our gut was already telling us. That we need to keep simplicity, but also to serve more advanced needs.

The result is that we’ve ended up with three different subscription plans (or pricing plans), tailored to fit the needs of three main customer profiles. These will come into effect on February 16, 2018, when we release our next software update.

What are the pricing plans?

Now, let’s see the pricing plans in more detail:

The prices mentioned herein are no longer valid. Please see the Yodeck Pricing page for current plans and prices.

Yodeck “Standard” Plan

The “Standard” plan offers almost everything we provide today. It is perfect for organizations with simple content structuring needs and with a handful of user accounts that do not need security or access control.

All existing paying customers will be automatically moved to the “Standard” plan, which will be offered at the same price as we have today, $7.99/month per screen.

Yodeck “Pro” Plan

The “Pro” plan is for those that need more elaborate content management tools. Organizations with lots of structured content, or digital signage advertising network operators, will benefit from the additional tools we will be including. Besides everything in the “Standard” plan, “Pro” will provide sub-playlists and media tag-based playlists, among other features.

Sub-Playlists are already available for free testing, so feel free to play around and evaluate. We will let you know when the time comes to upgrade or remove the feature from your Yodeck account. The “Pro” Plan will be priced at $8.99/month per screen.

Yodeck “Enterprise” Plan

The “Enterprise” plan is what the name says; for larger organizations. Building on top of the “Pro” plan, it will provide features that allow large numbers of content managers to effectively manage content in a secure and distributed way. These include workspaces (segregated access to content items and devices), single sign-on (using SAML), two-factor authentication, and more similar features. The “Enterprise” Plan will be priced at $9.99/month per screen.

Going Forward

We want to make one thing clear as we move forward. Rest assured that the “Standard” subscription plan will not remain static. This goes against our philosophy of offering the best value for money we can and continuously innovating. That’s why we will keep investing in features that will be available for each subscription plan. In this way, we can keep on increasing value for all of our customers.

Oh, yes, one last thing. We won’t stop in our mission to make Yodeck the simplest and most reliable digital signage service out there.