This Earth Day, it’s time to Screen-Up for the planet!

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message from our ceo

All of us here at Yodeck hope you, your family and your employees stay healthy and safe in these difficult times.

I felt it is important not only to stay connected but also to unite our powers against this invisible enemy. Within two weeks, half of the world was in lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic. I would never have thought this could happen in my lifetime. Yet, it did. And we are all affected. But we will manage to get through it stronger. I also wanted to let you know what we are doing here at Yodeck in response to this situation. Most importantly, I would like to reach out and support any organization that needs to display Coronavirus health tips.

Protecting our people

As an organization, we do not have a work-from-home policy. We believe that being in the same office provides us with a huge communication bandwidth that is invaluable for our agile way of doing business. But, as soon as the virus began spreading, we went full-remote, providing our teams with all the equipment and help needed to work efficiently from their home. Our priority was for all our employees to stay safe.

Supporting our Community

It is evident that the healthcare systems of all countries are being put to the test. That is why we joined forces with other companies trying to get medical gear for local hospitals or investigating 3D printing as an interim solution for building basic ventilators. We are investigating other ways to provide aid directly to healthcare facilities and personnel, to support them in the struggle ahead.

Keeping Yodeck stronger than ever

All teams at Yodeck are alert. We are more determined than ever to provide exceptional service, especially to customers that use Yodeck as a crucial tool for their business. Our business continuity plans are well established and ensure that we will go through this without any long-term impact on our business. We do continue to ship out Players on all new orders, while gradually servicing our order backlog from both our US and EU suppliers.

Making COVID-19 safety communications easier

We have already added several COVID-19 Layout Templates that you can use on your Yodeck-powered screens to educate your audience with simple safety instructions provided by the WHO and the CDC. If these do not work for you, please contact us and our design team will help you set up your COVID-19 templates to maximize their impact.

Communicating safety information is the most important tool we all have in fighting this pandemic. All new Yodeck accounts and new screens that will exclusively communicate COVID-19 safety messages will be free of charge until the end of 2020, while Players will be provided at cost price that can be refunded upon return.

We urge our 230 Partners across the globe to reach out to their local healthcare facilities and government agencies and push for more screens in critical locations, like hospital entrances, ports, public transportation, and more. Please reach out to us if you are interested in the above.

Uninterrupted Support

Our Customer Success and Tech Support teams are available, as always, to answer any concerns you may have in regards to our response to this crisis. Do not hesitate to reach out. Of course, we will continue to answer all your usual customer service and troubleshooting questions without any interruption.

Finally, although our business will pull through unharmed in the long run, we have been impacted by the lockdown as most of you have. In tough times, we need to support one another; as businesses, as families, as friends or colleagues. We just need to hang in there and, above all, stay safe.

Vangelis Mihalopoulos