What is Digital Signage

Once you get an idea of the technology you might choose, you need to consider the supporting services that accompany your solution. Τhe type of the business that you run, and your needs in general, determine your final choice. You need to consider all requirements concerning content, support and customization before you decide. Below, we give you a taste of the most common services you might need.

Services You Can Do Yourself

There are services that you can easily handle by yourself. Most of them are mainly related to deployment and content management. And so you can look for solutions that offer you this flexibility.


Without a doubt, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and what’s better than a plug-and-play solution. By choosing a Digital Signage solution that needs just a few simple steps to install, you don’t need to have a qualified IT person on your team. And what’s even better? Consider shipping hardware to your remotest store or office or even any re-installments in case of relocation.

Content Management

Being able to produce content by yourself is a great advantage. And there are solutions that offer you this option. This is extremely useful in cases when your needs concerning content are limited. You just upload your files (images, videos, audio or any other media) and you work within the platform the same way as you would with any similar PC application. All you need to do is employ your creativity and generate the result you want.

Remote Support

Even with the easiest of platforms, support is always welcome. Providing remote support is vital when it comes not only to serious troubleshooting, but also for day-to-day issues or questions or when any new updates and features are available. There’s a learning curve for everything, and no doubt glitches inevitably arise, so having technical support a quick and easy click away is essential to a choosing a Digital Signage solution that will offer you uninterrupted reliability and ease of use. If technical support can remotely access both the CMS and player to help you out, even better. You’ve got the experts at your fingertips.

On-site Support

You might on occasion require on-site technical assistance, especially if you choose professional displays or expensive players where any malfunction must be immediately repaired. After all, you must guarantee your high initial investment pays off in case of any hardware problems. Ideally, your player is optimally priced so that it can be quickly replaced if need be, rather than wait for on-site technical support where you will be subject to appointment availability. And we all know how frustrating that is.

Services You Might Need to Pay For

Content Creation

When your content needs are advanced you should consider assigning production to external agencies. And by advanced needs we mean cases where content is continuously changing, making it difficult for you to handle it along with your other daily professional tasks or even when there’s a need for more sophisticated content that attracts consumers’ attention. For this reason, you should look for content providers that offer professional digitized content solutions.


It might be critical for the nature of your company to pay and acquire a solution adapted to your specific requirements. If you need any special feature that is not included in the basic version, you might need to cooperate with the Digital Signage provider. A tailor-made Digital Signage solution will eventually reward you.